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Site Update Feb 2017
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There's been some big changes to the site over the past few weeks. We have added a bunch of features to help make it more useful and also provide a more seamless integration with the other social media sites that you use. There's more to come too. Here's what w'eve been up to so far...


The biggest change to the site is the creation of the 'Pages' section and the removal of the blogs section. The pages section is very similar to the pages feature of Facebook. It provides a space where you can promote or share info relating to a restoration, a product, a company or a 'thing'. The pages section replaces the old blog section and gets rid of the complicated blog interface, instead replacing it with a familiar, easy to use information stream as found on the rest of the site, and similar to what you would find on Facebook. We are also in the process of migrating existing blog data over to the new pages section but this will take a couple of weeks until completion.

So what's the difference between 'Pages' and 'Groups'?

This is a common question with Facebook and one that is not easily understood. Hopefully this will help you understand:

The Pages section is for things like

A restoration page for your car
A page promoting your business or product.
An official page for your club
There's some other considerations too..

Posts made to your page are made as the page
Your page can be 'liked' by other VDubber members
People can only post to your page if they have liked it

The Groups section is more about people and common interests

A group for people who like busses
A group for people into forced induction
A group page for a club members

Posts made to a group by a group owner / admin are made as themselves
Groups don't have likes, they have members.
Anyone can post to a group
As you can see there is some overlap, but even though you could create both a page and a group for your club there is a difference.

Social Sharing

One area where we have found integration difficult is sharing information with other social media outlets. Obviously it is hard to compete with giants such as Facebook and Twitter and there is no way that we will ever persuade people to move existing pages over to VDubber.com as sites like Facebook have become the mainstay for most of the population, but what we can do is make it easer to share info posted here with Facebook and other social media platforms.

So we've made it easier to share VDubber posts with Facebook using the Facebook OpenGraph API. Whilst this may sound like a bunch of technical mumbo-jumbo what it means in practice is that when you share your post / photo / video or whatever, it formats its so that it displays correctly, taking the hard work out of sharing information, and making it easier to maintain a presence across multiple social media platforms. Stuff posted here on VDubber now displays correctly and consistently across other social media platforms.

What this basically means is that you can post your stuff up once and not have to re-post it multiple times making multiple tweaks to suit the other sites. Just post it here and share it. Job done!.

There's a bunch of other stuff that is still being worked on and there will be some more updates over the coming weeks. If you have a feature that you would like to see, be sure to let us know.

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