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Hit the share link associated with the content you want to share to open up a dialog.

Click on the Facebook icon to open up another dialog. 

Select where you want to share the content (FB group / timeline / etc)

(You can also select other content providers to share the content with)

Add some words 

Hit the share button!

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If you have chosen the video template for your blog you can click on the placeholders to upload or select your video.

If your template does not have a placeholder you can easily add one by either clicking on the 'Add Block' button in the top menu, or bu selecting an existing block and clicking the '+' icon.

This will open the block dialog where you can choose a video block or a block for a video provider such as YouTube or Vimeo.


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We randomly hold competitions throughout the year but have no fixed competition schedule.

Our best advice is to make sure you visit the site regularly. The more activity there is, the more likely we are to hold competitions.

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Whilst we are predominantly an 'Air-cooled' page, we still have lots of love for our close cousins.

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To unhide items you need to browse to your activity log. You can do this by following your Profile link to Preferences > Activity Log.

On the left you will then see a filter which lists hidden items.

Select the item and then unhide it.

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