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  • OK, fresh back from the scrutineering meeting
    yesterday, decided to get cracking. Went out and sourced some steel for
    the scatter-shield, and the RHS braces that were discussed, and also
    some sheet metal for fabricating up the new bulkheads and patching a
    few bits of tin worm here and there.
    Also bought all of the stuff to build my wiring loom with - nice
    aircraft kill switches and pushbuttons. Even got some stuff to make up
    a DIY dyno controller box for the DTA EFI unit I am running.
    Here's the competed RHS braces. Still need to add flatbar underneath to tie it to the pan.
    Also welded up the IRS pivots
    And started on the scattershield.
    Day off tomorrow - got to go drink beer- it's Australia day!!
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