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    So having gained a little newfound inspiration I've actually done a few things on the engine. The first thing I did was to finally bolt the throttle body on to the supercharger. Previously I had made an adaptor plate but had not drilled and tapped the mountings for it. This was a small job that didn't take too long to do and takes me one step closer to getting the induction side of the engine set up.

    I also ordered and picked up some drive pulleys for the crank and blower. These are heavy duty jobbies that run a 25mm belt. There's no chance of these slipping. The pulleys are supplied pilot drilled which means that they are un-machined and so you can modify then to fit your application so tonight a spent some time turning the small pulley to fit the supercharger.

    I also picked up a second set which I will install on the lowlight as a bit of an R&D experiment. This is the pre-cursor to setting up the EFI version of the supercharger kit that I sell. Once I am happy with everything I will look to get the new design drafted up and manufactured.

    At the moment I'm not 100% how I am going to do the crank pulley, a lot depends on the cooling setup that I end up with. My initial thoughts are to use a standard vee belt to drive the cooling and the toothed belt to drive the supercharger only. I've got a standard alloy style vee belt pulley on order so when it arrives I will look to machine the two pulley so that I can bolt them together to form one single pulley. I may even make a hub for these to fit on. Early days yet.

    The toothed crank pulley is slightly larger than the stock pulley, this was so that I could get the ratios that I needed without having to run the blower pulley too small. The good thing with using off of the shelf stuff is that I can buy the blower pulley in a variety of different sizes which means that I can easily dial the boost in once the engine is up and running.
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