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Custom VW Beetle Door Panel

By Mick in Technical 51 views 6th Dec, 2021 Video Duration: N/A
I show in this video an artisan way to customize an old 'VW Beetle original heat engraved door panel'.
I have used a soft pressed cardboard 1.3 mm thick as padding. The material on top is a synthetic vinyl material 0.5 mm thick.
This sample is just a 'smaller replica' that looks similar to a real one. The 'channels' were cut 6 mm wide. The final outcome for the channels would be of 5 mm considering the vinyl thickness.
For better results I would recommend to 'laser cut' the cardboard pieces.Fortunately, these machines could be found everywhere.
I also show how to replicate the original pleated VW bag.
I hope the enthusiasts enjoy the video and find some inspiration from this wonderful art craft!

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