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My Tuppaware Porsche 356. It's a bit of a time-warp. Built back in the late 1980's by a company called Auto Styling, who were based in Perth but have long since closed down. I'm the third owner and current custodian.

I'm currently turning it into a tribute car. A missing link car that might have existed as a prototype for the speedster development. A link between the earlier Pre-A cabriolets and the first Speedsters.

Backdating the car is quite a challenge. Not only do I need to research what was correct on the earlier cars, but I then have to apply that knowledge to the build. Many of these early parts have been long obsolete and when they do crop up for sale are usually expensive original parts that are way outside of my budget.

Ironically the molds for this car still exist and are owned by a fella in Adelaide who also has a similar looking speedster. Small world eh.

Update!! I've bought the molds. Watch this space!!
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