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Steering me in

This weekend I turned my attention to getting the rest of the brakes installed. The pedal assembly needed to be fitted and the SACO hydraulic clutch kit installed. The SACO kit replaces the clutch cable with a hydraulic setup which includes a small master cylinder that locates inside of the 'transmission' tunnel, and a slave cylinder that mounts where the stock clutch cable normally mounts.

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There's been a burnley


Took a few days off in the week to get some more stuff done on the lowlight. My target for this week was to get the brakes finished off, get the gearbox in and paint the front doors. As I had already done most of the brakes there was only the front nearside left to do and change out the rear flexi hoses and shocks.When I removed the front nearside drum I was met by a bit of a surprise, the brakes were missing. There had been a Burnley.

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Bit of Fun

Was stoked to get a text message today from MelleMel. In it was a photo of my new rego plates for the lowlight. See if you can spot the mistake...

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46mm Nightmare

Decided to sort out the brakes today. I had already ordered new shoes, cylinders, hoses and master cylinder, and whilst waiting for the remaining engine parts to arrive thought that it would be a good idea to fix up the other things on the todo list.

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Had a bit of a result this week, finally managed to source the remaining parts that I was looking for. If you've been reading the blog you would know from this post that I've been searching high and low for some bukhead tin for a 1600 lowlight. Well as luck would have it, a bloke called Gary replied to one of my wanted ads and said that he had most of the parts that I needed. After taking trip out to go though his stash of parts i walked away with a whole bunch of goodies. Not only did I get the bulkhead tin, but I also got a pair of air vents, a pair of seat trims, a grab handle and a nearside sill repair panel.

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Bottom End

This weekend I managed to get a bit more done on the Lowlight. After rebuilding the heads last week I decided that I should really split the case and at least take a look at the bottom end to make sure that there were no gremlins in there. Whilst this will add a week or two to the build at least I will get a peice of mind until I get around to building a 2150 for it.

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Narrowing IRS

To get the Ghia through the engineers inpection I need to address the issue of tyre to arch clearance. It had been noted by the engineer that I need to increase the clearance by approximately 10mm. There are a number of ways of acheiving this, most of which I have considered at some point, but all of which have some kind of compromise. My plan was to cut back the inner lip of the wheel arch and raise the suspension a little, but his was far from ideal. However, given the alternative - narrowing the IRS arms, it was the easy option.

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A stroke of luck

Been working pretty hard on getting the bus engine fixed up this weekend. After stripping the old fasty engine down and cleaning the barrels and heads ready for reconditioning, I decided that I would tear down the 1300 in readiness for it's new parts. I also wanted to get all of the tin off of the engine so that I could paint it.

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Great news. Just got back from Regency after registering the bus. Fortunately there was an old rego sticker still on the windscreen so I was able to fill out the rego form with the old details and get the bus registered. Now all I need to do is get the engine finished off and the brakes overhauled. I also ordered a personalised plate too. :D

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Last night I spent half hour out in the garage going over the fasty engine that I have spare. I want to use the 1600 barrels and pistons (and maybe heads) on the 1300 bus engine that I have.

To determine the condition I did a compression test but his was not really conclusive as I could only turn the engine over by hand which didn't really give a suitable reading. Not deterred i decided to take the heads off and inspect them instead.

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s-low-ly does it.

This weekend saw the kombi roof that I brought back from Mount Gambier go off to its new owner. Andrew, the guy that bought the roof, also had various kombi bits that I needed so he dropped them off at the same time. Andrew is a top bloke and was the person kind enough to loan me the trailer to pick the Kombi up on in the first place.

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Taking Check

Managed to spend some time this weekend going through the lowlight and taking check of whats what. The bus was packed to the brim with parts and so it needed to be unloaded to see what parts were missing and what parts needed to be sourced. The bus was supplied with some nice extras such as a roo bar and a spare full width rock and roll seat including the rear matress and all of this needed to be taken out of the bus to be able get in and take a look

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Low Light


Just picked up another project, a 1970 lowlight bus courtesy of @Matt here on Vdubber. I actually bought this several months back but only just got around to picking it up this past weekend. After a bit of a road trip to Mount Gambier and a couple of days with the very hostiptable Tully Family, we towed the bus back to Adelaide to it's new home.

We also brought back a complete roof clip section from another bay for another local Vdubber (splitmeister from AVD). This was strapped to the top of the bus and made the load very top heavy, which made for some 'interesting' driving.

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Rear Parcel Shelf Installation

As with assembling most things, whether an Ikea flat pack, or a classic car, the order in which things are put together is pretty important. This is especially true of the Type 34 interior.

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Not every Ghia has a silver lining

It’s been a few weeks since I posted a progress update,  not because I’ve not done anything, but simply as I’ve been too busy to be able to to spare the time to blog about it. If you’ve been checking my photo stream you would have noticed that I did manage to upload some pictures of what I’ve been up to and you would have noticed that the build is ticking along nicely.

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Type 3 EFI trigger wheel

If like me you have wondered how or where you can mount the trigger wheel for your EFI Type 3 engine, well ponder no longer, the answer is here :D

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Rolling, rolling, rolling...

Rawhide references aside, this weekend broaches yet another milestone in the build. For the past 5 or so years the car has sat on axle stands whilst I tinkered about with different suspension setups, but now, after deciding to postpone my plans for the crazy suspension and fitting a stock (ish) IRS setup, it finally stands on it's own four wheels again.

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Wheels and Deals

The weekend I turned my attention to getting the rear brakes sorted out. The new backing plates and hub centres finally arrived from the states and so I could fit them up and check out clearances and offsets.

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a fairly quiet weekend.

not much happened but i thought i'd write a bit anyway.

i'm currently trying to flog off a heap of stuff and was supposed to photograph some of it and pack some other stuff to get shipping prices. with the way i have put it off you'd think i didn't like money. :)


i intended to go for a drive on saturday but life (and the better half) had other plans. i did get to drop in to my friend just out of town for a chat, but couldn't stay as i took my 6yo and he went totally bezerk so i had to leave. i was super grumpy over that one.

i went out there agan this afternoon to drop him some bits he needs and pull some bits i need off a parts car. while i was doing so i noticed amongst the random crap under the bonnet, a australian accessory door pull handle. needless to say we struck a deal and it is home safe and sound.

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back in the day

i made a post on a forun this evening that got me thinking about what it was like "back in the day" before the whole internet thing took off and became what it is now for our hobby.  


i first got into vw's about 1995, so not long before the first chat rooms started getting popular.


back then just about everything i did with regard to parts hunting and information gathering was completely different. there was none of this instant gratification available now. well, not to me anyway as i couldn't afford the books, catalogues that would have made it easier... i doubt i even would have thought to use them then. now if i want to know something i just go on the net, and visit the samba if it is general info or occasionally in2vws.com for info relating specifically to australia colours or australian accessories. in most cases the info can be found within a matter of minutes.

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A momentous occasion

I finally finished off the engine mounts today. I decided to bolt them in rather than weld them in, mostly as I feel that it will be a lot stronger. To do this I fabricated a plate to fit on the inside of the engine bay tin. This helps spread the load out and reinforce the panel. It will also prevent the bolts from pulling through the metal.

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Over the top?

I’ve been pretty busy the past few weeks, so much so that I haven’t even had a chance to blog about what I’ve managed to get done. I’ve really been getting a push on to get the car ready for the 50th anniversary celebrations that we are having in September, and so have been flat out at every opportunity.

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Engine Trial Fit

With the 50th anniversary event slowly creeping up, I’ve got a renewed enthusiasm for the Ghia and I’m managing to get quite a bit done. This weekend I set myself the task of getting the engine in the car as a trial fit so that I could look to fabricate some engine mounting brackets up. To make the job easier I decided to strip all unnecessary weight off of the engine both to make fitting it easier, and also to improve access around the engine bay. Removing the tin will also allow me to clean, prep and paint it in readiness for the new engine build.

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Front Beam Refitted

I’ve made some good progress on the Ghia the past couple of weeks. After assembling the IRS last weekend, I stripped and painted the front beam. The front beam was already partially stripped having been removed from the car some time ago. I had previously prepped and painted the steering box and had already removed the hub assemblies too.

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IRS Reassembled

Managed to spend some time on reassembling the rear suspension this past weekend. The paint I applied last weekend has not come out too bad, but the issue I had with the thinners reacting has left a bit of a mottled finish. But, as I’m now on a mission to get the car back on the road by September it’s just something that I will have to live with. Mind you, it’s really not too bad, and it is one of those things that will not really get scrutinized. (in reality it will not even get seen), or maybe I’m just trying to convince myself so. 

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Type 34 IRS

Spent a bit of time yesterday stripping down the Type 3 IRS that I will be fitting into the Type 34. This came out of the fastback doner car I bought a few months back. The suspension is in pretty good shape with no rust, dings, modifications or bits missing.

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TIG - First Go

Managed to get the bench finished off this week. I topped it off with some 28mm MDF, which makes a nice sturdy worksurface. I plan on covering one part with stainless steel to make a clean area for engine / gearbox assembly, but this will have to wait until I find some.

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Spent a few hours this afternoon working on getting the workbench finished in the garage. The basic frame is now properly bolted together, and the rest of the timber cut to finish it off. The bench is about four and a half metres long, and will have a single shelf underneath, this will give me somewhere to store my power tools.

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Autumn clean

If I was still in England, right about now it would be spring time, the time of the year where traditionally you would clean your house after the winter. But I don't live there any more, and I still can't get my head around the seasons over here in Oz.

So instead of spring, it's currently autumn, and I have finally got around to doing a little more 'spring cleaning' out in the garage.

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sub frame out

got the sub frame out now. the old mounts are toast but expected that after 40 years I have rounded up 6 new mounts out of the 8. But i going to try to get them cast in urethane.

Everthing is cleaned up now treated with rust blast and then painted with KBS

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brembos and IRS conversion

Well I have started now on the IRS conversion with the 944 alum arm

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Bus, Boat, Car

Had a bit of a VW weekend this weekend.

Managed to score some nice VW stuff from a fellow VW enthusiast (cheers razor ;) ).

Picked up an original venetian for the Razor. It's an Aussie only part and appears to be a pretty rare thing. I have seen venetians for razors before, but most of them do not wrap around the rear screen correctly. This one is correctly shaped to fit the screen. I've only seen one like this (this one), but the PO said that there are maybe three others in existence.

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That'll buff out ;)

I spoke with a fellow bus enthusiast just prior to Xmas as he had some Belly pans for sale over on DSK, I need a set of these for when I get around to doing the splitty as I am planning to convert it to a double door. The reason for the belly pans is that the bus is left hand drive, and so to make it practical for use as a family wagon, it needs to have cargo doors on the kerb side, as adding in an extra set of doors seems the simplest way to go. Unfortuately the double doors weaken the structure and so the belly pans are used to add in the additional strength.

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Bricks and Bucket Seats

Been meaning to post some pics up of the garage since it's near completion for some time now, so thought I might as well add a blog post to put down what has been going on.

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OK, fresh back from the scrutineering meeting yesterday, decided to get cracking. Went out and sourced some steel for the scatter-shield, and the RHS braces that were discussed, and also some sheet metal for fabricating up the new bulkheads and patching a few bits of tin worm here and there.

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VDubber Ezine Issue 1

​Mighty oaks from little acorns grow. What started off as an idea a few months ago, has finally grown into Issue 1 of our Ezine. Utilising MelleMels skills as a typesetter and contributions from the UK, we have managed to put together our Ezine Debut. We're rather proud of it. The Ezine is 100% free and can be accessed at the link below. ...

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Michael Mortons Iron Horse

 1963 15 Window Deluxe Microbus – Iron Horse

During the mid year school holidays in 2007 we were in the Barossa Valley and I got talking to an older gent who told me he had a kombi in a shed on a remote property so we swapped phone numbers….

After quite a few calls we arranged to meet and at this stage I didn't even know what I was going to look at as he didn't know what type of kombi it was, just that it had 'windows down the side'

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Feel a bit lost without the car to work on, so have been a bit slack. Have spent the time doing a spot of research on ye olde interwobble, trying to track down some cheap gauges. Found some flea bay specials for a very reasonable price - oil pressure, oil temp, boost pressure and a 5" tacho for not very much dollahs. They're el-cheapo snide Autometer clones, but will do the job for time being, which is likely to be one weeks use at speed week - assuming the car lasts a week that is :)

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Caged Beast

Delivered the oval to Donegal Engineering today to have the cage made up, big thanks to Paul Penny and his brother for helping out, was good to hook up. Sorry I couldn't have stayed a bit longer, but had an appointment at upullit to get a throttle body.

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IRS Fitted

Progress was good today, managed to get the IRS finished, all that is required is the final welding and a little patching where I've relocated teh handbrake cable to the lower half of the pan. I will leave the final welding until after I have had a chance to get the car back on it's wheels with the engine in place so that I can check the wheel alignment out - this will need to be done with a little weight in the car.

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915 box fitted

Fitted the 915 box in today, it sits pretty good. Had to cut out old front gearbox mount to get enough clearance. Still got to make up mountings but will fab some custom ones to fit. I've also cut the pan for the shift linkage, everything seems to line up better than expected. It is a bit of a tight squeeze in between the frame horns, but it all fits. There is only one place that really needs a bit of clearancing as it is a little close to the case, but not really a massive issue as the box shouldn't be moving around too much. I am very tempted to hard mount the engine and box in, as this will certainly be easier, but not 100% at the moment.

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Oval body off pan

The past few weeks haven't seen much progress with the oval, most of this time has been spent waiting for parts, but a little more about that later. We have also been pretty busy trying to get the ezine out before christmas, this is nearing completion and should be out any time soon. Keep a look out for an announcement in your inbox.

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Stripped Naked

So I finished stripping the oval today, the doors didn't want to come off, half of the bolts came out with a little persuasion from the rattle gun, but the rest had to be drilled out. the keeper plates will have to be cleaned up and re-tapped before refitting. Fortunately, door hinge screws seem to be something I have an excess of.

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Project Oval Stripout

Just a quick post to say that the strip down of the oval is now underway. The shell has been mostly stripped out, with only two wings (fenders) and the doors left to remove before the body can be lifted from the pan.

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A new project begins

This may seem strange to some, but after being into VW's for over 20 years, I've just bought my first Beetle. The car in question is a 1956 oval windowed bug that I've bought to build as a budget racer. The idea is to put together a car for Speedweek 2010 and the rest of the year use it for drag racing.

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Rear Suspension

Well, it's been a little time since I actually did some work on the Ghia, recovering the interior doesn't really count as it wasn't me doing the work. So spurned by an invitation to the Victoria day of the Volkswagen in November (Cheers Grey54) I've decided that I will try and get to the event - especially as I was also invited last year, and truth be told the Ghia is pretty much int he same state as it was back then.

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further distractions.

to be honest this is kind of just showing off, but i do love my books, even if most of them are in rough condition.

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it amuses me to think about some of the distractions i have created for myself. enjoyable distractions that i followed willingly but still things that missed the point. things directly or vaguely related to vw's that really serve no purpose when it comes to actually getting one of my shitboxes on the road.


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IKEA eat your heart out

Well, things are progressing along at a rather nice pace. The past week or so was spent at home tidying stuff up in readyness for the imminent arrival of the garage, I moved the existing garden shed, and all of it's contents, I made a new gate for the driveway and added an automatic closer thingymajig to it so we don't have to get out of the car to open and close it (the gate - not the shed), cleared the pile of lumber from the driveway, tidied my tools up that were scattered around the garage from various half baked projects and TOOK DELIVERY OF THE GARAGE.

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Hessisch Oldendorf 2009

Hessisch Oldendorf vintage veteranentreffen

Every four years western Europe is treated to the rumble of aircooled engines as thousands of enthusiasts make their way to the small German town of Hessisch Oldendorf, and this was one of those years.

The vintage meet in Hessisch is known the world over for its selection of early VWs and parts. People travel from as far as the United States of America and Japan for this two day event, and they have good reason to. 
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New Engine

Made a bit more progress towards getting the Vdubs back on the road this week, in fact it's been quite an eventfull few days. The garage has been manufactured and so I paid off the remainder of the cash owing - hopefully it will be delivered at the end of next week. In readiness for it's arrival I relocated the existing garden shed to the opposite end of the garden, all I need to do now is transplant a couple of roses and the area is clear

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snoozed and lost.

though i hate the expression "you snooze you loose" but it sums my situation up perfectly.

i called the guy with the cars i wanted and found out someone else layed down thier $ 2 days ago.

no point keeping the pics to myself as it's too late to worry about someone else snapping them up.

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Life is full of surprises...

I found out a funny thing today - my old silver '69 Ghia was originally an electric sunroof version that was painted cobalt blue with a black roof. The current owner fond out this info by sending off for it's birth certificate. This is pretty astonishing news - as had I known this - I probably would never had sold it. '69 Type 34's are pretty rare - sunroof models even rarer!

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Volks Enthusiasts Meet

Got a call from the outlaws this morning to say that they had noticed some kind of VW meeting going on at Cross Roads bowling alley, so me and MelleMel decided to jump in the family wagon with little Locke (our newborn) and go take a look.

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Picked up the interior for the Ghia today

Went and picked up the interior for the Ghia today. Gotta admit, I'm well pleased with the job they have done.

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New Garage Approaching

Well I've been pretty busy with work the past few weeks, the end of financial year meant that I had a lot of stuff to sort out, this also meant no direct work on the Bus or Ghia, but some indirect work has been accomplished. The first thing (and possibly the best thing) is that the planning approval has been granted for my garage extension. Tomorrow I will go down to hand over some more cash, so that they can commence manufacture. This also means that most of nexy week will be taken up with moving the existing shed to another spot in the garden.

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then sometimes you have a really good day.

what a day. today i spent to entire day catching up with 2 old and one new vw friend. i do basically all of my car socializing (if you could call it that) over the internet, but as i am in sydney on holidays i took a day to catch up with my 2 long long time vw friends and one guy who actually lives 15 min from my place but was down here as well. i originaly wrote this with thier names but figured initials would protect thier superhero identities better, having said that 2 have the same initial so it may get a little confusing.

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This weeks winnner of the golden turd award...

The past week or so has been a right PITA regarding the site. All of our merchandising was deleted from our store by some jobsworth at zazzle, who decided that as our site (and also therefore our merchandising) was VW related we must be in contravention of Volkswagen of Americas copyright policy. The funny thing was, that VW actually allow the use of thier logo and name in relation to advertising goods and services relating to them. 'Johnnys Volkswagen repairers - We repair Volkswagens' is perfectly acceptable. Erik (the farkwit at zazzle) failed to actually read the policy, and if he did read it - very obviously failed to understand it.

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E-Zines, Resto's and Web Habits

Damnn - I just spent about 30 minutes typing out this blog and accidently deleted the whole thing by pressing the wrong button, I bet it's half as eloquent the second time around. :( I've not long been using a mac - previously I was a (fairly) long time Linux user - and before that a windoze user - so I'm still getting used to the shortcut keys - the one that always seems to catch me out is 'home', somehow I always manage to make the browser go 'back', instead of the cursor, losing all of my hard work in the process. Ahh well, guess that's what you risk when typing epic blog posts - lol.

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*insert (hopefully) witty/interesting post name here*

i had a weekend off for the first time in far too long. of course the whole of saturday was spent cleaning up, but today i got a little car stuff done.


after a little outing with the family in the morning, i went to visit a friend who has vw stuff. i only went to say hi as i haven't seen him for a while, but ended up leaving with a pair of crowsfoot bus rims. i'll pick up another 2 or 3 when i take my tools out to pull them off. i really need to get a bus to fit them to. correction i'd really like a bus to fit them to. an important distinction in life. what we need is very very different to what we want. good marketing leads us to think that our wants are needs, hence liberating us from our $$$.  of course i saw more stuff out there that i'd like but i'll hold off till i have a few spare (haha) $

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fak'n the funk

ahhh two days off, lovely. still only did 1/4 of the things planned but i had some fun playing with stuff..

this morning i picked up a fake hazet assistant that i found a few weeks ago. as i say, you always have to ask.  

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Nevous Trepidation

The past week has been a bit slow as far as both restoration progress and website updates are concerned. The main reason for this is the imminent birth of our first child. Today, should have been spent at the hostpital as it was supposed to be due, but like it's father, it looks like my child has inherited the 'lateness' gene. It's a good job I have a lot of patience :)

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now with pictures!

depressingly little happened for a day off.


i gave my one set of moderatly interesting rims a once over with the hose and a stiff brush. i wish someone could give me a definate answer as to who actually made them etc. i believe that they were made by "Neils" in the mid 80's but the name came from an add on e.bay that included a 4 by 130 set. some of the guys other info was a bit questionable so nfi if this is thier proper brand.

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Fence Up Garage Next :)

Well my plans for extending the garage are about to kick off as I have now finished putting up the new rear fence. The fence needed replacing as it was practically falling over, it also needed to go up before the garage. So with the fence done, I'm now at the stage where I'm ready to go full steam ahead with the garage.

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Plans Plans Plans

Well, my intention of a post a day is taking up a fair bit of time (see previous blog post) - the posting itself doesn't, but I now remember why i don't frequent forums much - you lose hours from your life :)


For example - I've just spent about 2 hours reading this whole thread - http://www.ssvc.org.uk/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=39870 which was linked from the DSK forums as a motivation booster. Well all I can say is mad skills, this guy makes my bus resto look like a walk in the park, in fact I don't know why mine isn't finished already. :) If you're restoring or planning on restoring a splitty, this is an excellent resource, for both reference and inspiration.

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1 week in - being a dad!

/photos/Laughlan.jpgWell it's been a very interesting past week or so in our household. Our first child was born, which turned out to be a boy Laughing, we had decided not to find out the sex as we wanted it to be a surprise. We thought that as there were few surprises left in life that weren't unpleasant, we would not find out the sex before the birth. Nine months of anticipation was ended when we were handed the little fella - a very emotional moment - especially to find out it was a boyLaughing. It was also my birthday a few days prior - definitely the best birthday present I've ever had.

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Body back on pan

Made more good progress today, i fitted the new pan halves and got the body back on the pan. Somehow I managed to do this by myself - I guess it's a lot easier if you're not worried about scratching paint. I postponed fitting up the new front beam as I didn't have an adjustable 18-22mm reamer, which is necessary for reaming out the king pins to fit after they are pressed into position. I will try to source another beam as a doner and then outsource getting the king and link pins fitted as it will probably cost about the same as an adjustable reamer.

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Fuchs Wheels

Well I managed to find someone to supply the Porsche parts that I need, so far I've picked up the wheels from him (a set of 16" Fuchs with a space saver spare), and hopefully this week I should be able to pick up the suspension and brake parts. The swing-axle rear end has been removed, and sold. The IRS axle has been trial fitted to allow me to measure for the positions of the engine and gearbox mounts, but I think I'll wait until the 944 'A' arms have been fitted before I get the welder out.

I managed to source a pair of headlights with trim rings and bowls, they're not original parts, but the difference is only slight, the complete cost was only £30. The headlights are exactly the same as the ones I fitted to Karens Ghia after it was imported, those cost £80 for the lights alone.

I've also bought myself a larger compressor so that I can blast and paint the underneath of the pan, there's a lot of prep work to be done under there, taking off all of the old paint, and blasting all of the surface rust away.

Once the rear end is sorted out, and the suspension is in place with the engine and gearbox mounts welded up I think I'll turn my attention to the roof. There's a lot of prep work to be done carefully removing the roof skin from the roof frame. I have already trial fitted a sunroof motor that I bought from the scrap yard, but the motor seemed to run too fast, it was way too awkward without the roof on the car, so it may be best to sort this out after the roof is fitted. I'm going to try to get as much prep work done as possible before the car is sent off to the boys at Paintbox as this will make their life easier, and possibly be a bit easier on the pocket as well.

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Planning Application


Well I got a little closer to getting the garage finished today - I lodged the application for the building consent. This involved filling in a couple of forms, drawing a scale layout and parting with some cash. Also cleared a bit more of the paving from the area.

You might also have noticed that I have uploaded a new site logo and changed the appearance a little. I'm still playing with the overall visual style of the site - at present I'm going for a clean uncluttered look - I figure that there is a lot of info on the main page and so it doesn't need to be made too overpowering by adding lots more graphics etc. - well that's the theory at the moment. This may change in the future of course - probably when I learn a little more about what makes a good layout.

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There's been a Burnley

Well if there's one thing that i didn't expect to happen in Adelaide it was being burgled, unfortunately this is exactly what happened to us the other week. We got home after dinner at the outlaws, we were only out of the house for 3 hours, more or less the only time the house is unnatended lately due to small child taking up most of our time, and when we returned we found the back window smashed and a lot of stuff missing. Whoever had broken in had tried to jemmy every window without success before smashing one of them to get in - talk about determination.

They mostly stole electronic goods, including mine and the missus' laptops, which is not only a right PITA but also meant that we lost a lot of photos. Almost as bad is the fact that i use my latop for work and have lost most of my recent work and all of my book keeping from this year. Not to mention that MelleMel also lost the draft version of the Ezine. What utter *&%kers, especially as they stole the backup drive as well. GRRRRRR...

Anyhows, all of the stuff was insured, so the biggest loss is just the sentimental stuff, but trying to get back up and running again is a real pain. I've had to go out and buy a new laptop as teh insurance company have dragged thier heels a little, and so far it has taken days just to get to the point where I've loaded the software back onto the machine. I've now got to reenter all of my book keeping again - fantastic considering that it's BAS time. Not to mention trying to remember all of the stuff that was in progress and work out some kind of plan for getting back up to speed.

Unfortunately this has meant that the site and projects have taken a bit of a back seat, not to mention that my Dad is currently over from the UK, and I've been busy improving security. Hopefully i should get back on top of things in the next few weeks.

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Adelaide International Raceway

Yesterday i took a trip to Adelaide International raceway with a buddy of mine to visit the Gazza Nats. AIR is Adelaide's only proper 1/4 mile strip, but has unfortunately not run 1/4 mile races since the late 90's. Having never been there before I was interested to go and see the venue, and to check out the strip.

The strip is quite narrow. It forms part of a larger track that has been used for many different types of racing in the past, including touring cars and drift exhibitions. The strip is currently blocked with concrete blocks preventing use.

The story I heard is that it was bought by Bob Jane, the famous 60's / 70's Aussie race driver and tyre outlet owner, who after carrying out many improvements sought council permission to do further upgrades. The council refused on the grounds that the zoning of the site did not allow what he proposed and so Bob basically closed the site down. This is pretty unfortunate as the one thing Adelaide is lacking is a quarter mile strip.

There are still events held there, such as the Gazza Nats, and some drift expo's, but it has been some time since it has seen serious competition. Currently the Australian Motorsport club is working towards getting the track reopened for drag racing and have some upgrading and reconstruction works in progress. It was anticipated that the track would re-open earlier this year, but so far it appears that regular events are still not back up and running.

Fingers crossed, the AMC can get AIR open and back on the map.

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Two different kinds of bugs

The past week has been pretty busy, I've had to re-enter a massive amount of info to catch up with my book keeping which was all on the laptop that was stolen, and this still isn't going to be finished in time to submit my BAS. Yes I know I should be entering receipts and reconciling bank balances and not typing a blog, as I have about an hour left in which to submit it, but to tell you the truth, I've simply had enough - it can wait - my brain was hurting.

It's amazing how much data you accumulate / use on a day to day basis, this is probably far in excess of normaility for me as I generate pages and pages of code for both my work and stuff like Vdubber. Some of this stuff I have now recovered / re-entered, but some I have simply decided to do without - a bit like a spring clean. Unfortunately, my accounts did not fall into this category.

I've spent a bit of time over the past week or so updating the site code to fix up some bugs and annoying aspects, and have also paid someone to install some modifications - this is a first for me - as i usually loathe to pay someone for anything that I can easily do myself, but time is precious and so it seemed like the most cost effective way to do it, plus a little investment in the website is a good thing.

The biggest news this week is that the oval is now in it's new home. It arrived yesterday after a weeks journey from Caboolture, just north of Brisbane, down to Adelaide where it's now waiting to be turned into a salt flat racer.

The first jobs on the agenda are to sort out some kind of clear coat to fix the paint from rusting thorugh any more - The Adelaide weather can be a little wet at times, and the nice sub burned and faded paint would soon turn into a furry mess. The patina will be staying!!  I also need to sort out a beam adjuster and some moon discs before i will be sending it out to get the roll cage welded in

Next is to assess the state of the floor pan - the battery tray looked to be a little rusty although not too bad, I need to find out what panel work (if any) will be required to make the car safe, this will also determine if I need to split the pan. My original idea was to split the pan, restore the chassis but leave the body the same, but I might have a change of heart and just fix it up as it is. The idea with this car is that it is supposed to be a budget racer, plus I don't relly need yet another another money pit in which to pour cash.

So the initial objective is to get it prepped, whout going overboard.

Pics to follow....

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Volksenthusuasts Club


Last night I went along to the Volksenthusiasts club monthly general meeting. This is the first VW club event that I've been to since leaving the UK. The meeting was mainly to go over club business, and discuss organisation for the upcoming Volksfest event on the 19th November. There were a few faces that I've come to know through my VW dealings here in SA, and many new ones too.

Having just joined the club I was unsure of exactly what to expect, but got to admit i was pleasantly surprised at the organisation of the event and the attendance. There must have been some 50 or more people present, many of whom were directly involved with organising diferent aspects of the club or club events.

As far as club activities, there seems to be something going on most weeks, and something for all tastes, from Volksfest to a kiddies outing to the christmas pageant. There's a lot of family based get togethers as well as runs and rally's.

I made a couple of new contacts for parts, and received some very good advice too, so my membership fee has probably already paid for itself

If you're into VW's, and based in SA - I'd reccomend looking into the Volksenthusiasts Club. Well worth the while. You can join by printing out the membership form on thier website - http://www.volksenthusiasts.org.au/

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Classic Adelaide Rally


This years Classic Adelaide seemed a bit down on numbers compared to other years, there did not seem to be as many spectators, competitors, and not as many classics. The Green bug of local boys Peter and Adam Debiassi unfortunately withdrew only days before the event with engine trouble. The car suffered engine problems running a hillclimb event the previous weekend, but after repairing the engine, it too suffered with issues, so the decision was made to withdraw. I was really looking forward to seeing how the boys did this year as last years result was a tough one to beat.

The final of the event was held in King William Road, in Hyde Park, with many of the shops staying open for the extra custom created by the event, which kept the missus happy.

The VW stable was represented by a 1960 Karmann Ghia, driven by Rene Felkl of SA, and also by the 550 spyder replica driven by Peter Perrin. There was also a Porsche RSK replica in the thoroughbred touring class. There were plenty of aircooled engined cars with a majority of the entrants seeming to be Porsche 911's which echoes other years. Seems to be that the 911 is the weapon of choice.

This years event also saw tragedy in the death of Gary Tierney and David Carra, in the Kersbrook Reverse stage on Thursday. Thier Porsche 911 RS came off of the road and hit a tree. Both occupants were found dead when the on-course emergency crew arrived. This is a tragic loss, and my thoughts go out to their familys and friends. All cars wore a black tape stripe on thier left headlight as a mark of respect for the remainder of the race.

For those interested there's a few more snaps in the gallery - http://www.vdubber.com/photo/gallery_tag/Classic+Adelaide and if you would like to find out the results or other info you can visit the Classic Adelaide website - http://www.classicadelaide.com.au

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My Type 34 Ghia

I have been building my Type 34 Karmann Ghia for the past 12 or 13 years (it's been so long I've forgotten when I actually bought it).

So far the restoration has been documented on my personal website www.t-34.co.uk or over at the Type 34 Registry (ww.type34.org) where I help manage the site.

The current status is that the engine and gearbox are built and ready to fit, the car has been repainted, the suspension and brakes have mostly been finished and the interior is currently at the trim shop being recovered.

The only major works left to do are to get the engine and box back in the car, which requires finishing off the rear suspension and plumb the engine in

The engine is based around a Type 4 Unit and runs at 2.7 litres on a set of LN Engineering nickies. This is fueled by a turbo / EFI setup runnning from a DTA EFI unit. The engine drives a Porsche 915 5-Speed through a 944 rear suspension setup and has 996 / 944 turbo brakes all round.

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Ghia Interior Retrimmed

The interior is finished - Went down to see it today. It looks great and I can't wait to get it home (picking it up later in the week).

I went for a medium grey leather, with matching vinyl panels. The panels also have the correct heat seams in them too.

Will post some pics of the Interior when I get it home later in the week.

Just need to get the thing back on it's wheels again so that I can take it to the trimmers to get the headlining done, unfortunately this will have to wait until the garage extension is done.

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The Beginning


Looking back it's hard to remember how I ended up looking for another splitty, I used to own one a few years back and always missed it after selling it. I think i was looking for something on ebay and stumbled across this bus by accident. After looking through about a hundred photos on photobucket I decided that it was too much money and too much work.

But the problem is... once that idea takes hold...

Anyhows, I ended up looking to South Africa for a bus. i figured they're right hand drive, in a warm climate, and a bunch cheaper.

Finding a bus there is pretty easy - just go to gumtree and browse the classifieds (don't bother visiting any South African forums - they don't like seeing busses leave the country and you will likely get flamed or worse). I found a nice looking roadworthy and restored bus for about AU$8K. After getting quotes for shipping and speaking with a past client of the seller here in Aus I was ready to go. Unfortunately, as it took me so long to get everything sorted the bus sold the day before I was ready to buy it. :( Ahh well - wasn't meant to be I guess.

So then I get to thinking about the 15 window again. My old bus was a nice looking cal look 11 window, but after spending a lot of time in it I decided that a 13 / 15 window was the way to go, and best of all it was a walkthrogh - just like my old '71 westphalia I toured around Europe in. The more I thought about it - the more I had to at least go and have a look...

So, I went and visited the owner, took a look at the bus, bartered a bit and left owning yet another project.

And that's pretty much how things have been since last December.

The bus is a left hooker, but came with a RHD beam and dash, it needs a lot of work and rust repairs to the floors, as well as patching up speaker holes and dents. I will probably get a second set of cargo doors put in to turn it into a double door - mostly as it will get used as a family wagon. It's been dropped on lowered spindles and a straight axle kit - and this is probably how I will leave it.

I will keep you all posted on the progress.

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New Floor

Just noticed today that there are repop right hand drive front cab floors for sale on DSK. Have PM'd the seller - hopefully he has more for sale. The Right hand drive conversion is probably the first thing I need to sort out on the bus, so the floor is the first panel that I need to get.

Fingers crossed!

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Splitty Resto

Last week something strange happened, the guy who i spoke with a few months back about restoring my splitty phones up out of the blue, I originally spoke to him back in February or March where we discussed him coming to look at the project. He said he would call - he never did. I had pretty much given up hope of finding anyone in Adelaide to do the job and had decided to do it myself, but the phone call has got me thinking again about simply paying someone to do the work.

I must confess that I was a little pissed off previously with the lack of interest I had received from the guy - I figured that a splitty resto is a LOT of cash and huge entrustment, and I expected a little more enthusiasm - perhaps I expect too much? Anyhows - in his defense he said that he had lost my number and that he will come around and take a look at it - I guess I will wait and see if he calls.

I don't know about most people, but for me, I like to business in a direct and transparent manner - you want the work - you come and look at the job, we discuss some terms a deal is struck, we shake hands, the deal is sealed.

I hope he comes though this time, I have heard good reports about his work, and would prefer to entrust the job to him in preference to anyone else locally

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Unique Fabrication

I actually managed to do some stuff directly related to the splitty today. I took a trip down to visit Unique Fabrications workshop at Holden Hill to see what things were like there. After the recent phonecall from ian, the owner, about restoring the bus, I decided that i should take the time out and go and pay him a visit, both to show that I'm serious about getting the 15 restored and to have a bit of a nose at his operation.

There was an array of cars being worked on - two 356 Pre-A coupes, a Type 1 Ghia that had some nice tasteful and well executed body mods, a couple of bugs and theier current show project a volks-rod. Unfortunately the body was at the paint shop so I didn't get to see it, but the chassis was there and looked like some pretty good work.

Currently Ian outsources the painting and just concentrates on the steel fabrication side of things. He is well tooled with equipment like a 3 metre guilotine, 3 metre box and pan folder, english wheel, swage rollers and the usual mig and tig setups for welding.

The work that I saw on the Ghia was impressive - the rear arches has been flared to take wider wheels (the car is being prepped as a rally car) the flaring was very subtle and did not look out of place.

Whilst I was there i was introduced to a few other customers, and Ian took the time to chat to me about the business and his plans. Overall a top boke, I hope things work out.

I'm now waiting for Ian to come round and take a look at the bus, he's still booked up for the foreseeable future, but hopefully this is one step closer.

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Exhaust and Bumpers

Managed to source a pair of bumpers for the bus. Good bumpers don't seem to come up very often, every set I've ever seen sold over here seem to need a fair bit of work, and finding a pair of slash style before someone else snaps them up is more than a challenge.

The pair I bought have already been straightened so no work needed to be done apart from painting them and fitting them. Unfortunately they're not the correct slash style - they're the earlier ribbed style, but this fits with my plans for the bus and they are much better looking in my opinion. Just need to source some brackets for them now.

Also, after a bit of research i decided on an exhaust - just ordered one from vintage speed.

With the exhaust - that's pretty much everything I need as far as the engine is concerned.

Now all I need to do now is find the other 3000 odd parts that my bus has missing. 



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Cage Finished

http://www.vdubber.com/media/images/sharingImages/544.jpgFirst off, if you haven't noticed, we finally released the first issue of Vdubber magazine, thanks for all of your kind words, and support, it looks like it's a success. A big thanks to all of the contributers and also Melle Mel for typesetting the whole mag.

I picked up the oval this week as the cage has now been finished off. We lifted the body off today, and I stripped the front beam off and trial fited the new narrowed beam up. I had to keep the car rolling as i am going to a scrutineers meeting tomorrow and need to be able to get the car on and off of a trailer, so I temporarily fitted the new drums up too, but all of this will need to come off to be able to finish the pan.

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The reassembly continues


Haven't had a chance to post much lately, been pretty busy either working or getting the oval back together. Progress has been marred a little by real work, which has taken me out of Adelaide, this has meant that work on the oval comes to a complete standstill (there is only me unfortuantely). Looking at the countdown time on my widgets, it's telling me 21 days to go, not a lot of time, but still lots to do. Since getting the pan back from the cage builder, I've been busy getting the suspension and steering back together, and also getting the scatter shield made up.

The scatter shield has probably been the biggest headache of all - not only does it have to be custom made, but i also had to figure out how to mount the 915 gearbox in as well - double trouble. I started off making a simple hoop out of flat bar which I was going to mount  to a beefed up trans support, but this didn't look strong enough. Then, whilst helping the father in law with his Triumph Bonneville I spotted a prime mover brake drum, that he said he had used as a brazier - perfect size, but unfortunately cast iron and not suitable. He called me back a few days later to say that he had found a rolled steel extension that was made for the top of the brazier - he dropped it over and work started on scatter shield mark 2.

The scatter shield needs to be 6mm thick steel, and whilst there are not any actual reccomendations in the DLRA rules, general consensus within the drag racing fraternity is that it should extend 1 1/2" forwards and back of the flywheel. For the V8 guys this is easy - just go to your local speed shop and order a replacement bell housing for your trans - job done. Unfortunately, the Porsche (or VW) box is all one piece and so this simply isnt an option.

The rolled steel I got from the father in law (cheers Chris) was a litttle too big in diameter, so I had to cut a section out and then use ratchet straps to close up the gap before re-welding it. it's not the prettiest of jobs, but without a set of rollers, it's a hard thing to fabricate.

With the scattershield done, and the pan painted with a generous coating of gloss enamel underneath and matt enamel on top, with some POR 15 on the exposed front and rear frames , the refit has started. the front and rear suspension are now back on, and the brakes are next on the list - everything is new, so hopefully it's a case of reassemble rather than rebuild.

The gearbox is officially in. The shift rod has been shortened and gears have been selected - I modded a repro hurst shifter to work with the 5 speed box, had to bend it a little to prevent my knuckles grazing the roll cage, and ideally would like to add spring gates to it, but I will leave this as a last on the list job, as currently I can select gears.

The schedule is now really out of whack, but 3 weeks is still time enough if I knuckle down - it takes about 2 weeks to reassemble a car including trim and this doesnt have anything inside at all. Need to get the body back on to clearance for the engine, and also see if the extra 25mm I managed to push the gearbox further forwards will now allow the stock deck lid to close. If not I managed to source a cheap semi-w to cut a hole in for the Porsche fan.

Off to get the brake shoes relined tomorrow, then I can get the pan rolling again.

Fingers crossed.....

There's heaps more pics in the gallery - just search for the tag vdubber - http://www.vdubber.com/photo/gallery_tag/vdubber/50/1

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Roll on 2011

Well, at the beginning of this week I decided to throw in the towel with the oval build and admit defeat. Whilst it would still have been possible to get the car running and to the lake, I would have been missing out on any shakedown time that I had planned. Unfortunately, a few delays, have meant that timing has slipped, and the time I had set aside for running in and teething troubles simply dissapeared.

So I decided that I had given it my best shot. I did not want to run the risk of blowing an engine, or worse, just because I had rushed at the 11th hour. Bit gutted to say the least, as this has now been my main focus for months, but not to worry - I now have plenty of time to make sure it's 110% for 2011.

At the moment, I'm having a bit of a siesta and concentrating on getting some $$$'s earned (anyone need a website?) but will have a look at the VW events calendar and see what is coming up in the near future - Having just missed out on Portland last weekend, I now fancy hitting some drags.

I will be taking the Oval to the club show at the end of March, so if you fancy having a look, make sure you tag along.

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VEC Volksfest Cruise


This evening I went on the Volksenthusiasts Club (VEC) Volksfest cruise. This is the precursor to the Volksfest event happening on Sunday at Port Adelaide. The cruise met at the Botanical Gardens and went for a run through the city before finishing up for pizza and coffee. I was fortunate enough to hitch a ride with Fin, a fellow razor owner, who let me ride in his razor, so at least I got to cruise in style. :)


The turnout was excellent, despite a very heavy downpour just an hour before the kick off time. Fortunately the weather held out and didn't put off the cruisers from attending.


The range of rides was pretty varied, with some new just finished rides such as the white and candy red splitty, some stock, some custom, some ratty, and even a new style emerging with an oval bug with exausts through the fenders - definately something new happening there.

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Rods and Rockers


Took a cruise out to the Uraidla rod and custom show yesterday with the Volksenthusiasts club. A 9am start from Burnside, preceded a nice mellow cruise up through the Adelaide hills and on to Uraidla Oval, Uraidler. Afer a little confusion about how to get on the oval, and our cruise leader getting everyone to do a u turn only to find out the oval traffic was one way, meaning everyone had to do a uturn back the other way again (not aming any names *cough* Fin *cough*) LOL.


The show had a really good turnout, with a lot of early rods as well as the usual array of 60's chrome. The Autojumble was a dissapointment with only new parts on offer and no treasures to search through, but the quality and variety of cars more than made up for it. The weather was very good, but the hot weather forced many cars into the shade of the trees, which meant that it was hard to get a good look at some of them.

There's a vid of the cruise up there here - http://www.vdubber.com/video/gallery/Uraidler-Rod-and-Custom-Cruise

And some (VW) photos from the event here - http://www.vdubber.com/photo/gallery_tag/Uraidla Rod and Custom Show Volksenthusiasts Club Cruise


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VEC Volksfest Show


Today I went to the Volksethusiasts Club Volksfest Show, at Port Adelaide. The Show was held in Todd Street, which had been closed off especially for the event. Some initial doubts about the weather turned into a day of sunshine, with the weather holding out for the whole day. There were a varied bunch of cars in attendance, ranging from normal to insane, there was also a fair turnout of busses, in fact I would say that there more busses than bugs - something that you would not have seen a few years back. There were a few guys that had made the trip over from Victoria, bringing some cool rides with them, definately a great roadtrip, and a lot of fun, I'm sure.

It was a great day, hooking up with a few people I know, and also meeting some new people too, I managed to score a rear screen for the oval (thanks Fin for putting it aside for me), take some snaps and checkout some cool rides - Couldn't ask for a better way to spend a Sunday arvo

For more photos of the event, check the gallery - http://www.vdubber.com/photo/gallery_tag/Volksenthusiasts Club Volksfest Show There's also a couple of videos in the video gallery too.

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Day of the VW

It's been a pretty busy time of late, not really had a chance to post much to the site, most of my time has been put into getting a new business venture off of the ground. I've been putting together some software modifications for sale online and starting a webhosting / webdesign company. I seem to spend most of my time online, so I decided to see if I could make some money from it - seemed like a logical thing to do.

So whilst not much has happened VW-wise, I did get to go to a local show - Day of the VW.

For those who are not familiar with Adelaide VW clubs - there are two of them. The VW peoples club and the popular peoples VW club. From what I understand, one stated as a splinter group from the other (something to do with a disagreement over which biscuits to serve with tea). In a way they are like two warring factions, vying for the same members, but oddly enough many Adelaide Vdubbers are members of both, and even more strange than that  -  all thie VW shows are called the same thing - The Day of the Volkswagen.

So anyhows, I hitched a lift with Fin in his newly painted Razor - (he's had some lacework detail added to his roof - an awesome effect) - and off we headed to the show. The turnout was pretty good, with some good quality cars in attendance. Swapmeet had a few stalls, some choice parts too - NOS split single cab roof section, NOS 11 window complete rear corners, various bits and bobs, but no mangles :(

I managed to hook up with Rusti Ovali, and persuaded him to let me do a feature on his car, so we commandeered a spare bit of field and managed to snap off some pics for the ezine. Funnily enough - just as we were leaving I heard that he had won another award - Good job!!

I've posted some pics up on the facebook group and will post them up in the gallery here when I get a spare 5 mins - for those who cannot wait - here's the direct link - http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=7703&id=100000743599840&l=55d11e5222 and a few pics to be getting on with

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well i guess to start my name is todd my partner is nicole and i have owned a few beetles a t4 and a 2006 polo . well the beetles a 62 deluxe grey and white lowered with a 1916, the next was a 68 i call feral it ran a 1500 with 1600 heads and lokked feral but went ok when it ran right . then  came the polo it was airbrushed and lower with roh mantis wheels white the air brushing was of a dragon on a snow mountain( everybody has an opinion ) but my partener loved it. then a t4 caravelle which was to be done and cleaned but illness stuch and that ended that . now i\'m well and looking for a good project to start a come back, maybe a mark 1 golf or type three .

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My first ever blog

Never really been into the blog thing so this is my first attempt

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Just one of my Volkswagens

I purchased this Volkswagen of a friend who had purchased it in the early 80's already restored. The only thing that was added was firestone whitewall tyres. Jump forward to early 2004 I took a phone call from said freind who had decided to sell. He mentioned the price that he wanted and as these don't come up for sale very often I could only say yes. So now 5 years later and many happy miles this is my 1961 Typ-152 Karmann Cabriolet

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My lastest acquisition

         I stumbled upon this at my local vw repairer.  I asked if it the owner had it there for repair or sale and as luck would have it, it was for sale. The owner was called and a deal was struck so now I have another VW. Only A few things needed to be done like engine reco, new tyres, cut and polish and a good detail. Remakably it is rust free. It was originally sold new in Canberra then sold to the people from whom I purchased it from. It has been a country Victoria vehicle all it life hence the no rust. This now becomes the newest aircooled Volkswagen I have ever owned. Picture is as I bought it so as soon as the detailing is finished I will post an after photo. So I guess all I have to do now is go camping. Bring on spring

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Hazet special tools and spare wheel tool kit

        Just got given today a Hazet special tools box. Unfortunatly without any tools so now the hunt is on to hopfully fill it with the correct tools. A hard task I know. Also picked up from a local swap meet in March a hazet spare wheel tool kit. I won't tell you how much I payed for it but it was cheap compared what I have seen some people pay. As you can see I not only collect Volkswagen vehicles of which I will show you more of what I've got later on but also any thing to do with VWs. I have collected over the years a range of things from brochures , nos parts , magazines , vw accesories and toys both old and current. These I will also share with you vdubbers as time permits. To start withh here is just some of my Hazet stuff.                   

                                                   Cheers Jason

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              An early start to today for the Wagga Wagga swap meet. Usually not a great deal of Volkswagen stuff on offer but you just have to go just in case. The first surprise for the day was a mint Factory November 1963 parts list for the Type 3 1500/1600/variant and a factory 1965 Volkswagen 1500 workshop manual. Total cost for both $25.00 Yipee for me. And that was all I could find for the day for genuine Volkswagen collectables.                                                                                                                                                                               Next, Volkswagen diecast toys. Quite a lot on offer but not anything that I really liked or needed at this present time but what caugt my eye was some 1:43 minichamp porsches. 1st a 1967 911 targa, 2nd 1977 911 gendarmerie targa, 3rd 1961 356B hardtop coupe, 4th 1961 356B coupe, 5th 1959 356A coupe, and 6th 1949 356 Gmund coupe. These six set me back $20.00 each. These would normally retail for about $50.00 each so i thought why the hell not I deserve them. Well that pretty much ended my day at the wagga wagga swap meet, all in all not a bad day.





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      Just been on just over two weeks holiday. I really did need a break. Plan, take in a little of the FIA World Rally Championships aka 09 Repco Rally Australia, Volkswagen drivers club of Queensland Action Day, Dealer and Media release of the new Triumph Thunderbird (work related).

      Day 1 : Up nice and early to start the drive to Kingscliff NSW which takes about 16 hours a long drive I know. But I just hate two day trips, it just takes up so much of the days you have. All was going well 1200 km in 12 hours so i was right on schedual, as it was a light drizzle and rain most of the way lights and wipers was used most of the day. Travelling between Glen Innes and Grafton I noticed that my wipers were starting to go a little slower than normal and a little further on my headlights started to dim. A check of the dash and no sign of the alternator light but being 50 km from Glen Innes and 100 km to Grafton I had to press on as it was 6.30 pm and dark my 2000 model AU falcon Series II had other ideas and started to slow. Loosing power I had to pull over. Car stalls and wont restart (flat battery and one toasted alternator) and no phone service. Hazard lights on and wait for next car and wait and wait. This is not one of the busiest roads at night. A few cars drove by without stoping but eventually some one did. Luckily he had an in car phone which had signal and the NRMA was called. Gotta love roadside assist. NRMA arrives checks charging system and tells me the alternator has given up (no shit). Says he will call the tilt tray and have me and my car picked up in about 1 hour. Gee why dont we just put the new battery in that you bought with you and I follow you back using your headlights. New battery in, back to Glen Innes for a motel for the night.

     Day 2 : Now Glen Innes has only one auto electrician and its now sunday morning. NRMA man said he might be able to get said auto eletrician to look at car if i'm lucky. 12.00 noon arrives and a knock on the motel door. Good news get your stuff and I will take you to the auto electrician. Five hunred dollars later and I'm back on the road and find myself getting to Kingscliff by 4.00 PM Sunday

     Day 3 to 6 Catch up with freinds

     Day 7 to 9 Take a look at the WRC pit/service park which has been set up at Kingscliff (3 blocks from my mums place). I did not go and see any of the rally cars in action as there are only about 10 cars in the top level and the distance and time spent to see these cars would of just taken up to much of my time (maybe next time).

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Holidays Part 2

     Just a follow up on the second part of my holidays.

           Day 10 to Day 15 : Went for a drive with my freind Bob (who was the previous owner of my Beetle Cabriolet) to a place called Stokers Siding near Murwulimbah NSW to catch up with another freind, Alan who is the owner of Stockers Siding Garage. Alan has quite a lot of respect when it comes to working on and or suppling parts for Volkswagens from Queenslands gold coast to the northern rivers area of NSW. In conversation with Alan he told me that he has now sold the garage and is going to retire. Looking arond the garage alan has quite a lot of second hand and new parts that he will keep for resale at a later date from a back yard shed that he has ( the premises will no longer be used as a garage).  All his parts cars will be dismantled and the left overs will be sent off to the metal recyclers. There was nothing worth salvaging for myself but my freind spotted a 70,s Westfalia pop top. With all the original material still there it was to good to leave behind so it now resides in Bobs shed complete with cutout roof section.

          Day 16 : An early start to the day was needed as myself and my two freinds Bob and Rob were travelling to Brisbane to take in some Volkswagen therapy at the Volkswagen Drivers Club Of Queensland's ACTION DAY (see photo's in photo gallery) Not being to a show in Brisbane for quite some years I was a bit dissapointed in the total number of cars that were on display compared to how big the scene is supposed to be in Queensland. The quality was outstanding for the majority of the vehicles there so compliments to those that did enter their cars. The swap meet side of things didn't fare much better for me either but there were still a few people parting with their cash for items that I guess they needed more than me. Old vintage VW stuff is geting really hard to find at Volkswagen only swapmeets now but I did miss out on a pair of 1960/61 only taillights with serviceble lenses for $30.00.

         Day 17 to 19 : Check into the Mantra Resort at Salt for the Dealer release of the new Triumph Thunderbird. Second day there take in dealer meeting , see T-Bird motor dismanteld , go for 1 hour ride loop with eleven other riders on T-birds, settle down with an evening meal at peppers resort and then a good nights sleep as day 19 was the big trip home.

         Day 20 : Home now, just chill out in the shed as now my holidays have come to an end, work tomorrow.

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Found and purchased Beetle

        A customer of mine recently commented to me that his father inlaw had a beetle laid up in a carport since its registration had expired back in September 1994 and was considering selling. The owner originally purchased this beetle brand new back in 1965 while it was on display at the Volkswagen display stand at the Wagga Wagga show. As he had a company vehicle back then he told me he had travelled to Sydney and Melbourne once and the remainder of use was locally and on weekends to and from his favourite drinking venue. Speedo shows a total of 47184 km of which he tells me is original. Unfortunatly time has been quite hard on this example as it was never fully garaged. Even with the dry climate of Wagga Wagga it has its rust issues but really only very minor (front heater channel and floor).         





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my old volks rod

well its nearly 5 years that i have had my little rod ,and it has been through many guises and back .it was supercharged and went well now its not and because of the low weight it still goes bloody well it has had apug front bonnet and now its going back to a super bonnet.one day i will be finished but i'm not counting the days as i always have it when i get bored,it's there andi can go play

well hallow to all

steve  (greedy)



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bus lust plus other random things.

after looking at a few sites i just realized again, how much i want a kombi. to be specific, a brakelight engine lid model or perhaps in my dreams a barndoor.


i'm not sure what it is but i seem to prefer the look of earlier vw's regardless of the model (the possible exception being type 4's) not nessecerally the earliest of each type but early enough. i guess it is the simplicity of the earlier versions. to be honest a 63 isn't my favorate year (that honor falls to 1956)(though 51/2 is right up there)

but then again i have a 63 and it is a ragtop plus the car has a lot of meaning to me. it is probably one of the first large projects in my life that i finished. i'm using the term finished loosly, but it was running and registered which was a long way from where i got it. since then i have changed and grown up a lot (not that it was hard to mature from where i was) but it still holds meaning.


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probably the most exciting post that this blog will have... the first one.

err... never done this so i'm not really sure what the protocul is for a blog. i guess it'll just be a stream of conciousness thing for a while.

if you haven't noticed, spelling isn't my strong point, and i'm not overly fussed with the use of capitals on the net. i'm sure you're all big enough and ugly enough to deal with that. if not, too bad.


i guess my intention of having a blog is to use it too keep myself motovaited on my projects by posting what i have done on any given day. aka to do something every day. 


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