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day 2

well i achieved approximately SFA today. the curse of working retail... 10 - 5 sunday takes the better part of the day away. add a few hours procrastination on top of normal family stuff and it is time for bed with no VW progress achieved.


i do wonder how everyone else organises themselves with regard to thier projects. i have multipule things happening at once. which i work on depends on my mood at the time. probably not the best way to do things.


i have to say that working with quality objects, built to fine tolerances and intended to last (such as the mechanical bits of a vw) is a great relief and de-stress after a day of selling wnd working with crap quality products that you know won't last and some of which you feel guilty for selling. i guess i make a bit of a crap salesman in some respects, today i even told a customer not to buy a product as it wouldn't last (not the first time and won't be the last unless they sack me). i guess there is only so much of your soul you can sell in the quest for the $. 

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wow day 6 and there is something to write about. still not progress but something

as the title says... the grand total that has happened is finally getting some bits i had advertised packed so i could get prices for postage.

the money is already accounted for but it is something. once this stuff is gone i can dig out some more crap and try to turn it into stuff i actually need.


to be honest it will prob get turned into wants not needs. a slight problem i seem to have, lack of focus. i'm far too easily distracted by the unimportant stuff so put off getting the basics that i need.


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the weather.

what does this have to do with anything?


well it is starting to turn up here. aka there is starting to be a decient nip in the air. 3000" above sea level and inland means it can get cold up here. maybe not as cold as where some of you guys come from but still single digits celcius during the days and well into the minuses at night. (7 tons of firewood the last year we used wood heating, decent hardwood that burns well).

snow doesn't stay on the ground long but it has snowed every winter i have been up here, last year it snowed about 5 times. when the wind gets up it will cut through virtually anything, be it lined leather gloves or windproof polartech fleece jackets.


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friday pt 2


ignore the 25th date, it is just after midnight. so to me it is still yesterday. (how's that for an illogical sentence)


as i expected but hoped would not be true no tangable progress... again.]


got one thing posted off though, plus the postman had 2 presents for me. i love it so much when toys turn up on my day off.

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another day another dollar.

again nothing to say regarding my project. by the time i had a sleep in (i wasn't going to make the dawn service so stayed asleep as long as possible), went to work from 1 till 5, then to a friends birthday thing followed by picking my wife up from work it is rather late.


at least i did something social (with real people, that i'm not related to), it has been a while.


while waiting for my wife to finish up i read a little of one of my new purchases. a '66 printed T3 workshop manual... it had a section on rebuilding clutch pressure plates which was most interesting as i have some NOS pressure plate rebuild kits but had never seen any info on what/why/how. to me it shows the changes in society. who now would bother to rebuild a pressure plate?

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finally a day off. plus a trip down memory lane.

i had a day off today after what felt like about 3 weeks... it was no where close to that long but still felt that way.


i thought about doing vw stuff but ended up sleeping on the couch for most of the morning then hung out with my son after lunch. i feel so guilty for not doing anything on the car or much cleaning, but it was so good to be able to just do nothing (well i cleaned up but still could have done more). the girls are back at school so there wasn't the constant bickering of 2 girls a year apart and full of pre/teen attitude. we all played sillybuggers out the back after they got home from school, an excellent bonding day really, so definately not a day wasted.


more "presents" turned up in the mail over the last few days, lovely. i have really become a bit of a period packaging pervert. i am devoloping a "thing" for the packaging NOS stuff is in. aka the lovely plastic boxes that the points and rotors i got turned up in. the makers name and the "made in australia" boomerang symbol  embossed on the lids of some, cardboard tags inside most and paper wrapping holding the plastic box halves together on another. none of this moulded plastic glued onto cardboard or shrinkwrap. these were packed as though they were valuable and intended to be kept safe for long periods if nessecary. you could re-use it for something else if you wanted too. quality.

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actually got some car stuff done.

i didn't get a chance to do that much but it felt really good to do something.


ages ago i read about fitting early type 3 wide 5 drums onto BJ front ends. (in the speedpro beetle suspension and brake book). i remembered that a guy i used to know worked out that if you used the inner race from a specific set of bearings with the outer from another you could put BJ discs onto beetle linkpin front ends. put 2 and 2 together, you should be able to fit, with the right bearings, type 3 drums on a link pin beetle.


i know very little about type 3's but i do know they have bigger brakes and twin leading shoes on the front. both desirable as far as braking goes.

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the shed.

to start i realized that the brakes will be a bit more complicated than i had thought, so added a comment re this on the previous post.


back to business.


well about 8 this evening after work etc, i donned the thermals, multipule shirts, fleece jacket, heavy beanie plus mechanics gloves and faced... the shed...  in winter...

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the opiate of the masses.


i hope that is how you spell opate... it wasn't... fixed now.


the actual work done today was zero but i did post some more crap up to swap. what i'm after doesn't relate to my ragtop project but i never claimed to be well focused. i also bought another thing on e.bay, not directly used but it should be useful.


last night after typing the entry i did go out to the shed and have another go at the nut, still no joy, certainly not for my neighbours . tempted as i was i did resist using the dremel to grind back the tip of the offending bolt, though i did drill into it a little more, more than noisy enough. i do generally try quite hard to be considerate of the neighbours but it was before midnight on a saturday night. we never have parties anymore so they can deal with a little shed noise. i realized that if i had had the money to chase a factory wide 5 drum puller that sold a few months ago, there would be no hassle to this job at all. why is it that the really useful stuff comes up when you don't have the spare $ to go big.

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twin carb linkage notes.

now is where it turns into a lot of boring concepts written down so i don't forget them.


keep the carbs in thier stock alignment. aka floatbowls to the front. 


swap the throttle shaft on the LHS carb so the long thread is on the RHS.

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i really hate working 3 out of 4 weekends.

it's not like i want to spend time with my children...


this is truely getting beyond a joke, if everyone wasn't talking doom and gloom about the economic climate i would probably have quit (or at least gotten serious about applying for other jobs). 


no tangable progress vw wise. spent a little time with my head in the vw suspension suning book. always interesting to read/learn/relearn. i'm surprised with how much i'm forgetting of late. it is probably from underuse of my brain. though on a slight tangent, my typing speed has picked up quite nicely in the last little while.

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just a short one for now.

i picked up some socket rails today from super cheap. is there a single tool in that place that is decient quality? the socket rails certainly aren't.


having said that at $5.50 total for a 1/4" and a 1/2" rail you can't expect too much, plus they will do till i find something better. (they were the only ones i could find anyway)


the 1/4" are basically squared away, though i may get another rail so i can get one clip to put the short expension on the rail as well. the 1/2" inch are partially done, all of the smaller ones are done, plus some of the odd stuff. aka most of the addaptors and plug sockets. i will need to get another 1/2" rail and cut it down to size to put the imperial (sp) sockets on. don't worry, that heathen imperiel stuff is in the bottom of the tool box, away from the proper tools :) . it is odd knowing that my socket set won't be in it's box, it has been in there since i was given it as a combined b'day and christmas present from my parents and grandparents. i kept the tag that came on the present in the box (yes for 10+ years, it means a lot to me).

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something big happened and i don't know why.

the most amazing thing happened today but i have no idea why. to cut a long story short i came home from work super grumpy so went and had a sleep, i was woken up by my daughter coming in and saying "mum wants you to come and look at something" eventually i crawled out of bed and marnie was on the computer looking at a beetle in the trading post, and asked me "what do you think?" she said that she even put a bid on one (nfi where as it wasn't e.bay)


i am seriously stunned at this, actually stunned isn't strong enough a word. i have no idea what has changed, i really don't get it but i hope that it lasts. she has always acknowledged my hobby (addiction) and said that she would like me to get my ragtop moving, the funding for it is another story though. she has been saying we need a second car for a while but always said that she thought a cheap newish (10yr old or so) thing would be better than a vw. if you are reading this you probably understand why i didn't agree with this. to spell it out, i think i can maintain a vw with little to no outside assistance. aka for the cost of parts only, plus if looked after properly a vw will only go up in value as it gets older.


some now it looks like my wife has come around to my way of thinking, i don't know what happened but i'm really pleased.

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a quiet day, car wise.

not much happened today, had a staff meeting after work so late home...



finally got the sockets all on their rails (rails cut to legnth etc), i'm not 100% about how i have them organised but the only way to know for certain is to use it a bit. i so want to buy more/better tools for myself. the screwdrivers thati have are a mishmash of various old things that i pinched of my mother back in the day. mostly rounded off and mostly very beaten up. i new set would be nice. the majority of the other stuff is decent but not the screwdrivers. 


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20 posts and nothing on.

20 posts in this blog. the thing that really sticks out from them is i need to do some more actual work. while i'm at it i should finish some of the projects started during the course of this blog, maybe some of the many already started before as well.


not today though.



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mini update


damn the blog entry that i just typed was so boring that it crashed firefox...




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i grabbed the speedo out again to give it a rough once over this evening, unfortunatly i can't say i got too far, but as i'm not going to open it up i couldn't do it all that well anyway.  just before bed time harry came over to look at the speedo then sitting on the coffee table. he picked it up and i pulled him up onto my lap (just in case). firstly he said various things along the lines of "dad, we've got to fix the beetle", then he just sat there and stared at it only muttering the occasional "wow". he had this look of wide eyed amazement on his face. he looked as if it was the most amazing thing he had even held. it almost brought tears to my eyes watching him.



i share interests and hobbies with both my parients, i really hope him and i can share at least this one.


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why to be nice to the person serving you :)

i had a day off today. i didn't get my hands dirty on vw stuff but i did spend a little time in the shed.



as i have probably mentioned abfore i work in retail. not my choice in profession (infact i don't really belive in consumerism, but that is another story + i'm certainly caught in the cycle) still it's a job and it is a lot better than the last one. last night i had to go out to do a service on a click clack lounge that was "busted". i'm sure the lady is lovely in a social setting but other people i work with have had a lot of trouble with her in the past. plus even before she came in with this problem i remember the manager talking about how this ladies kids were treating the lounge, needless to say they weren't being gentle to it.


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random musings on our hobby / area of interest, the aircooled volkswagen and it's place in social history.

i was reading the early 70's book i picked up yeaterday about vw's and it furthered some ideas / thoughts that i have had for a little while.



basically, what is must have been like for people back in the day driving and modifying vw's (aka the 60's and early 70's... even back into the 50's for some)


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finally something to write.

it got out into my shed this evening and did a little work (well it feels like it was play...). i feel so so good now. realy satisfied and somewhat relieved that i have broken the thing i was going through, i was stuck and didn't know how to get going again.



i'm surprised how good i feel though, i really need to do things with my hands, to create, to fix, to improve something.


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i'm still alive.

it has been a little while since i wrote here...



not that much to say really. lots and lots of nothing interesting has been happening (as it tends to do when there are responsibilities in life). there hasn't been all that much car progress. a little here and there but nothing noteworthy that i can think of. at least anything reciently... aka that i can think of. i've actually had to work at work lately and i'm not really used to it anymore. aka carry around big heavy boxes the heaviest was 51 kg but most 20-40, unload trucks etc. i got used to being a salesman that sat around and made bad jokes.


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not much today.

i remembered that i picked up a couple of key blanks last week. another of the ask everyone things. i was at the local (to my folks anyway) hardwear shop and saw that they cut keys... "got any vw key blanks?" they aren't the lovely HUF or lockwood cut out ones but they are for 6V cars and say "fur volkswagen" so the will do. at $1 ea it was a simple case of "i'll take the lot thanks". that totalled to 4 keys in 2 profiles but i'm sure they will come in handy.

yesterday i remembered that about a year ago i asked a friends dad if he still had the regtop mech his son and i pulled out of a dumped ragtop circa 98/9. they have both been out of vw's for years now. tonight i called him and he thinks he knows where it is so with a little luck it might come my way. i just wish that back then we had cut the roof off (it was damaged but with the $ they go for now it was fixable) or at least pulled the rails that were a little bent. oh well you live and learn. 


now i just need to call a friend and see if he still has the 60's black faced domed glass VDO gauges he got from his dad years ago before he too got out of cars.

edit. gave him a call. no joy.

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a plan is a foot but we'll have to wait amd see what comes of it.

as the title says i have asomething that i'm working on but only time will tell what actually happens.



i got a call back re the ragtop mechinism, the guy couldn't find it but thinks that it may be in one of 2 steel boxes that have audi engines sitting on top of them. aka he can't check them without a bit of extra muscle.


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plans still a foot

the net at home has taken a dive for reasons unknown so i couldn't give an update yesterday but a friend has gratiously let me use his net so i'm typing this.



i went and checked out the beetle i got word about yesterday (i dragged my eldest along as well and she seemed to have fun). it was by nomeans a short drive but enjoyable. it is one of those cars you would never find it if without being told, not even an aeroplane would  help with this one (one day i will spend a day or 3 with my pilot friend car hunting). it turned out that it is a 65. there is nothing that really makes it stand out (well there is but i'll get to that once it is in my hot little hands) it was birch green but has since had an external repaint. to be honest birch green is probably my least liked 6V vw colour... so booring imho. it will probably need a couple of panels to get it where i'd like it but only time will tell (i still have to talk my wife into it... ). the thing that i most lke about it (apart from the copious spares that it comes with) is the fact that from what i could see the main rust is a small patch in the drivers A pillar (famous last words...) the pans looked solid, the front of the rear inner guards the sill bottoms. mind you a good high pressure wash may reveal more once the the mud is blown off. now that i think about it one of the door bottoms may need a little work. it looks as if it has taken a hit in the rhs of the bumper od similar as that side of the wheel well is a little pushed. the other side is ok though. all in all it is a fairly lean country car. much better than most cars i saw in sydney 10/15 years ago and it would prob make the UK guys cry with jelousy. the motor that it had in it when the current owner got it got seized by his kids at some stage so it now has a 1600DP but with a little luck the og case is one of the others that are included. (an early 40hp, a 36hp beetle and another 40hp or later case plus god knows what else (i saw a bastard head in the pile of stuff here's hoping for a VJ4 BR25 :) )


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i just can't extract the digit.

i'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to vw stuff (amongst other things) so when it comes time to sell stuff i find so many different reasons not to. actually getting it up and advertised can be really hard. it doesn't help that there are a few things that i regret selling (actually that is bullshit, out of all the stuff i have sold there are only a couple of things i wish i hadn't).



i'm really good at making excuses not to sell stuff even when it is for my own benefit. (how do you spell that?) i have poked about in my shed and dug a few bits and pieces out but keep finding excuses not to photograph them etc. today i had the day off, i did spend a chunk of it doing stuff for my wife which is a valid excuse im my book, but damn what do i have to do to make myself do this. even writing this is probably to get out of actually taking the pictures so i can advertise and hence SELL stuff. i really do get seperation ansiety (again spelling?).


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still struggling trying to part myself from my excess stuff. + odd day today.

i'm still struggling to get out to my shed to dig stuff out. i have photographed one thing the i'm hoping to sell, but there are others that i need to get pictures of.



there is a guy after headlights that i have, they are worth a reasonable amount too so i really should offer them up. but i'm a headlight perv. i LOVE early headlights (almost to a point that might be illegal in some states of the US :) ) they are beautiful. i like playing with them, pulling them to bits cleaning them up and putting them back together. they look nice lined up on shelves in my shed... but i need the $ and well i have a good set of 50's bosch sematrical lights with the scripted rings and VW logo's etc, i don't need 3 more without the lense logo's. (not to mention several "parts" lights for, well, spares [bar lenses that is]). they look so pretty on my shelf, but it is not like i will need multipule sets of early lights in the forseable future. (plus i still have the odd vw logo'd hella light that, if i found it a mate, would suit an early car)


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there was movement at the station...

not a lot of movement but more than has happened for a while.




my wife, while she may sometimes drive me insane, is so cool. her work was about to chuck out some giant stackable wire basket/shelf type thingies and a frame to wheel them around on, so she grabbed them for me so i now have some more storage in my shed. :)

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oh fuck.

errr now i've gone and done it... not 100% but two tests both showed 1 strong and 1 faint line.  yes, if you hadn't guesses pregnany tests.



my children are the only decent thing i have done with my life but 3 is enough. my wife kept pushing for another till eventually i gave in and left it up to fate. i wouldn't swap my children for the world but i don't know if i have enough emotional room for another one. i already feel that i don't give my children enough now let alone with a baby on the scene. my eldest two are 13 and 12 (both girls), we really should be focusing on doing what we can to help them through what is going to be an interesting few years for them. of course i told my wife all of this and much more but still she had her heart set on it.


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wow 40 posts and no real progress.

hmmm. if is a little sad that there really isn't differance in my cars from when i started this blog.



i have a feeling that that may change over the next 9 months. marnie is SOOOO hormonal already. i had forgotten how full on she gets. it probably doesn't help that she was taking zaiban (sp?)  when she found out she was pregnant and of course has now stopped. dirty smokers....          ha! spoken like a true ex smoker :) . zaiban made my completely loopy when i took it a while back. it also does strange things to your head when you stop taking it.


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it's amazing what agood bit of manual labour can do for you.


ok not exactly vw realted but damn some physical labour can do wonders for your head. i had to do a few days in the wharehouse at work... i love it. yes i feel a little sore but it was REAL work, i didn't have to be nice to people if i didn't want to, i didn't have to try and sell people shit.



to top it off this evening i got a call from my ex father in law in a bit of a state, as he had cut and bailed some hay and it was starting to rain. it was only a few achers so it wasn't a big job and he has a really old bailer so the bails are small (and hence light) compaired to the modern monster bails. i quickly dashed out there and flogged the guts ot of myself lugging a bail in each hand to the pallet thingy he stacks them on, then running to get another 2 (normaly i don't run for anything if i can help it). i haven't had myself blowing so hard for years. i just kept pushing myself... i did eventually have to stop the running and then go back to one bail so i didn't fall over but damn it felt good. now i come to think about it this was probably the first time thati have really gotten to appreciate not smoking any more. 2 years ago there is no way in hell i could have done that.


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some more thoughts. plus my first list.

after a lovely day at work, i went up to my grandparents tonight (it's really just my grandmothers now but it somehow isn't right saying that) for dinner with my family and parents. an interesting night. saw some more stuff that i hadn't seen before. aka pictures and things from WW1 that had been my grandmothers aunts and had come to her. there used to be more (most of which i had seen) but she donated it to the AWM. a good place for it really as the people weren't family, just friends of "the aunts". one of them ended up high up in the army in WW2 (and lead 1st div against the japanese at milne bay in PNG). his brother who also sent pics and postcards transfered to the english army between the wars and ended up as some sort of aide to edward the 6th post ww2?



some of the remaining stuff was really interesting, one postcard of a guy in a tent in Palistine i think with his rifle as one of the tent poles and all his gear was fascinating. plus the postcard from one of the guys above sent from london as he was recuperating after being wounded in 1917.


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sometimes everything seems to be trying to tell you something...

attempt 2, i lost the first one...



of late i have been thinking about the 36hp landspeed challenge. wondering how to go fast on the cheap. as you may have guessed from pervious posts money is always an issue for me, so finding a cheap option is good if it can be done (aka if i try to go the expensive option it won't happen).


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not car related.

some days things go right.



to be hones t i wasn't really looking foward to today as the area manager was coming in to work. which generally means lots of work or at least trying to look buisy. (actually with this new area manager it is work... he keeps us going).


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i picked my username years ago when i first got an e.mail account. it fitted at the stage of life i was in at the time. both as i had no direction and was just making it up as i went along and  i could also be a little grumpy. well i'm still somewhat directionless. i have an idea of the basics aka i'll be in my house with my kids and working to pay the bills. plus the way i view time has grown up with me. i'm also far grumpier and really don't like being disturbed when i'm focusing on something.


all that aside, the reason behind the title is as follows: edit: the following is rambling and prob unclear but it gets there eventually and sort of made sense as i was typing it. i haven't re read it to see if it still does)



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the man tanti.

if i say man tantrum to anyone here i'm sure you'd know what i mean. the outpooring of frustration when working on something mechanical that just won't go right. whether you suffer from them yourself or just know someone, you'd still know what they are.


i started musing ove rthe man tanti today at work when trying to fix a single lounge seat with a recliner mech in it. it got to the point i had to go for a walk around the corner to the bakery to unwind of i would chuck my version one. to be honest mine are generally rather tame, i've never been one for throwing tools or throwing parts. i liked my tools too much to chuck them and whatever it was i knew i'd just end up making more work for myself. the same with kicking things, i have once or twice but it didn't take long to realize that it really hurt. all in all i'm sure that my tanti's are rather dull, but they do still happen on occasion.


i do wonder though why we do it, why do we express our frustration this way. i just thought that you could make a rather ammusing reality type tv show of candid footage of guys chucking man tanti's in their sheds, there have to be some funny styles out there. i'm sure you could go to any country in the world and hear the thud of knuckles on sheet metal followed by the sound of a dropped spanner on concrete then muttering and swearwords. 

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an idea

sometimes in the quiet moments when there is no one around (to tell you perhaps you need to up the medication) you have an idea. this one was inspired by a thread about distributors on the samba. it talked about how the stock distributor car is a limiting factor to the voltage you can run to your plugs. from my VERY limited understanding of electricity a higher voltage = a larger gap the spark will jump. also a fatter spark across the same sized gap (err i think). all usefull if you wantto run high compression etc.


whan i read this i thought to myself, "what about a big cap distributor?" aka an early 40hp distrubitor.thes then lead to the question "could you fit the guts out of a VJ4 BR25 into the big cap body?" giving you a distributor that had the bigger electrode spacing than a stock mech advance unit that is built from early bosch components that are said to be very good quality. this is about as far as the idea got for maybe a year. (to be honest i can't remember when i had the idea but i think saying that it was only a year ago is year generous).


of late the idea had been floating around in the back of my hear with regard to the 36hp challange. the rules in several classes state something along the lines of "must use a bosch distributor and coil". maybe this idea may have a home...

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an idea pt2

well a hour or 3 in the shed has shown me that it is feasable. making it work with infinately adjustable phasing between the points is also doable but a lot more complex as the extra space needed for the upper and lower points plates would mean that a spacer would be needed to lift the cap. not something i wanted to do as it is getting a little further away from my intended result. being the guts of a BR25 in a bigcap body. all looking kind of stock.


at the moment i'm not giving up on the idea though as well i like adjustability even if i wouldn't have the knowledge yet to use it.


btw for the twin points i was thinking of using GB504's (i think that is the code) what they sell not for 36hp beetle dist's. both the fixed and adjustable would use these.

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crazy ideas.

i was adding a coment to a post pelow and it reminded me of some of the other crazy ideas that have occupied my thoughts over the years.


as mentioned below one was for variable valve timing and OHC desmo acuated valves with different alignment on the valves etc.


another was for cross drilled vented wide 5 front disks with alloy hubs and ring type bolt on disks. think sort of like motorbike front disks on an alloy hub. i do think that this would be achievable and useful.

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slight progress.


i've been doing reasonable amount of thinking on things of late. specifically a full tilt 36hp motor, but not that much has really happened.


yesterday i did manage to pick up another big cap 40hp distributor. this one turns out to be an australian made one. i say turns out as at the time i had to lick a finger to try and wipe off the grot to even see if it was a cast iron one or not. it was caked that thick in grease, dust and general filth. much to my pleasent surprise it is really nice not the most of the grot is gone. i think that the german one will end up getting chopped as will the aust one is well australian.


i stripped it down and apart from a 2 shims and a fibre washer, everything is great. of course those are the hard bits to get... i only gave it a rough once over, i was at one stage going to strip and paint the body but found (or didn't find actually) the masking tape was gone so that idea was cut short. the joys of having children.

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it's been a while

wow it has been  while, not having the net on will do that though.


when all is said and done there isn't really much to report.


of late things have all been house and impending baby with a little work thrown in to pay  for it all. i'm sure that most of you know how it goes.

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the luckless hunts

i had the weekend of vw hunting.



my vw weekend started a week or so ago when a customer at work gave me directions and drew me a mud map to a type 3 (1500 as he called it) out in the bush. i had planned to go and find it this weekend. (i have 3 day wekends every second one for anyone who cares, so tonight is my sunday night)


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the latest goings on.

all in all it has been a good few weeks of playing vw's. everything has been a little crazy buisy with 5 extra extended family members in the house for nearly a week, plus work etc.



last weekend i went out to check out the rolled "62 1/2" on a property out of town. it turned out to be one of the most amazingly killed vw i'd ever seen. dead to the point of the rear swing axles being Z shaped, the frame head being crumpled and even the dash was twisted. all from being rolled, it looked like it had gone corner to corner (aka end over end) as well as normal rolling. i would love to have been the first one to get at the car as it seemed to be really original. aka crashed early in it's life. it had a matched set of continental cross plys (with lots of tread) and a rubber cased battery. if the battery wasn't broken i would have been so stoked as i'd love to have one for "the shed". all in all it was a very strange car as some bits (of those that were left anyway) were near perfect, but others were completely rooted. several of the few bits i scored have already been cleaned and put into the box for use on my 63. others haven't quite made the cut, but they are still the best that i have.


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just a quick one.



i went to visit a vw friend yesterday, just to say hi as i hadn't seen him for a while. while there he asked me if i wanted a metal oil tin that he had (he has given me a few over the years). where he had them stored i saw a couple of old oil refill bottles and told him that he should look after them as they are rather collectable... his imediate reply was "i still use this one but do you want this one? oh and this?" grabbing another... then the top for a 3rd. after the usual "are you sure?" repeated a few times i now have a nice late 60's (i think) castrol metal toped 1 imp pint jar plus an 80's plastic top (castrol?). 


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rant rant rant. just a general bitch about my wife.

why the fuck do i even bother? (yes i am breaking my self imposed 'net ban after a whole 15 min...)



i decide to talk to my wife about the hoarding thing as i thought that she would find it amusing plus well whe is my best friend...


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just a quick one. mainly bitching about work.

not really much to say car wise. i did get a little more done in my shed, the rack i started packing a week or two ago is now in it's place. (well as of yesterday)



i can't get over the stunning weather we have been having. part of me wishes that i would get sacked just so i could hang out in the sun and warmth. i do kind of miss being unemployed for that reason (that's about the only good thing about it though).


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Daisy is....


Shes a 2L 1975 Kombi and shes very colorful!!


And to tell you the truth, I cant be bothered posting three lots of info about Daisy, so here is her blog http://daisythekombi.blogspot.com/

Feel free to leave comments here or on the blog!!

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Kombi Fund


Had my birthday on monday, got heaps of money for 'Zac's Kombi Fund'. 

Hoping to get some new parts for Daisy!!

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Kombi Club Cruise

Had a chance to hook up with Matt, from here on Vdubber - he was down in Adelaide visiting some rellies and decided to take the timeout to hook up with some fellow Vdubbers. The hookup was a cruise which consisted of a bunch of members forom the Kombi Club, with Me Mel and the Ginger Ninja in tow in our very non-Kombi like Suzuki.

The cruise started out with a 12:30 meeting at Kurrulta Park Kmart on the Anzac Highway, where introductions were made, and everyone waited for the rest of th posse to arrive. With everyone in place the cruise set off to pick Matt and his family up en route to the Hackney Inn.

We had a nice lunch, with lot's of VW chat, and also made some new aquaintances.  Eventually we parted to head back home with the Ginger Ninja, as it was getting near to his bedtime.

Was great to put some faces to names, and faces to busses,  and also meet some new faces too.

Makes me itch to get the bus on the road.

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Back to work

Finally managed to get back out in the garage this weekend. It's the first time since April that I've managed to get anything done on the Oval. Having not made speedweek in March, the bug has just sat there waiting for me to make some time to get back into the swing of things. So with next March slowly creeping up, I decided that it was long overdue.

Most of the weekend was spent clearing the back yard, this is in readiness for the concreting to be done on the garage extension - with the garage base in I can finally clad it and get some undercover space to work on the bug. 

Clearing the yard was fun - as this involved removing a tree - a perfect excuse to hire a chainsaw and wreak destruction - lol. With the tree 'pruned', all that was left was to pull it out of the ground with the Landrover. This is the third tree that the little Landy has pulled out - just lash up the tow rope to the front bumper, stick it in low range and then work the tree out of the ground. The key is to leave a long bit of trunk when you prune it so that you can get some leverage. Works a treat. And I cannot imagine that you could do the same with any modern 'softroader' it would likely just pull the front end off.

So - final scores - Tree 0 - Landy 1

With all of the fun over and done with, I managed to get a spare half hour to POR15 the rear brake backing plates on the oval. This should hopefully mean that I can reassemble the brakes next week and get the chassis rolling again. So not a massive amount of work - but at least a start.

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f'n windows!

bugger me. i spent ages last night typing up a long blog post and the computer chose to shit itself just as i went to post it. i had forgotten why i like linux so much, sure i still managed to break that but it took a long time to do so, not one evening.


i won't bother with the full story but the basics are as follows.


gave a friend a hand changing a handbrake cable. haven't worked on a complete, living car for years. absolutely loved it. reminded me why this is my hobby.

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catch up. errr pt1

 Ok, i'll have a go at the catch up post.


I have been doing a fair bit of brain work.


Where to start.

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Wolfsburg Trip

I recently spent some time in Germany on a buisiness trip visiting one of our suppliers. As I work within the automotive industry I got to spend some time at the Wolfsberg VW plant looking at some of our suppliers installations. Although one plant is much the same as another it was nice to spend some time at the VW plant as I had never been there before. I also took the time to drive to the Karmann factory to take a look, unfortunately I did not get to have a look in the museum (this is only open to employees and I only had a few hours there) but it was nice to visit the place. I then spent over a week at the Audi plant in Ingolstadt where our client was commissioning a new system. Interestingly, at the Audi museum, along with the usual trinkets available in the souvenir shop there was also a lot of spare parts for sale from classic Audis -  mostly trim parts, but also some rare accessories.

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New Direction for Site

Other commitments have meant that as usual progress has been slow, I've picked up a SACO hydraulic clutch kit which looks like a good quality item - It's pretty much a necessity as I'm sure the standard VW pedal / cable would not be up to the job of operating the Porsche clutch.

I have had someone give me a quote for painting the car which is a reasonable price so I'm gonna get him to paint it for me. As usual my work commitments are meaning I'm getting less time to work on the car and do this kind of stuff myself.

I've decided to remove the old how-to's from the site. The Type 34 Registry has now opened its doors to all without subscription, they have a far wider range of articles so I decided my few tech articles were no longer worth having. I've also added a link to a site called 'The air-cooled multimedia maintenance manual' this covers all aspects of keeping your VW engine in shape. I'm sure for all of you looking for maintenance tips the answer to your questions can be found on one of these two sites.

Getting rid of those articles has freed up a little space so I'm considering adding a forum, I've mailed my ISP to see what kind of scripts I can run. Hopefully I can set something up.

I'm trying to go for a change in direction with the site, I'm hoping to get rid of all the stuff which is just generalising and replace it with stuff specific to tuning Type 34 Ghia's and maybe Type 3's - There's far better sites out there that cover the general aspects of T-34's (well there's one - The Registry) so I've decided to kinda 'specialise' a bit more.

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New Look

Welcome to the new look T-34 site.

It's been some time since I built the site in it's previous guise (December 2004 in fact!), so I decided it was about time to have a makeover. With over 40,000 hits to the site since it first started back in 1999 and about half of those since the last site upgrade, I guessed some people would probably be bored with the way it looked, plus now the Ghia is actually seeing some time spent on it, the site content is getting added to more frequently.

Most of the information available on the previous site has been carried over, a few articles have been dropped, some have even been updated, plus I have added all of the progress reports on the restoration that I could find from the previous websites - just for prosperity's sake. The Gallery has been migrated across so all of the pictures can still be found - although it is now known as the 'Media Library' as it can now contain most types of files, not just pictures.


New Features

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f'n windows again! + this computer is a POS. completely OT.

NOTE: this is all completely off topic, just a rant and a few points. nothing interesting, nothing VW related.


OMFG. i'm not the type who chucky explosive tantrums when things don't go my way but right now i want to take this computer out the back for a little meeting with Mr Axe. of course i won't, but thinking about it is kind of satisfying, though it also makes me even more frustrated because i know i can't.


this time it was an hour maybe an hour and a half's worth of thinking and typing. i thought to myself i had better save it before the computer dies and when i went to the thing froze up. i feel like banging my head on the table... it doesn't help that i quit smoking again a week ago plus my wife has been a bit cranky for the last week or so (some might even draw a link between the two :) ) on top of that not working is doing my head in, i need the routine, i need to get out of the house every day plus all the psycological things about being a provider (even though i am employed and getting paid, i just don't have a position to go to yet...) .

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A funny thing happened...

Walls Going Up

This is a bit of a catch up which I've been meaning to post...

So recently I've been working on getting the garage finished, About a month back I had a crew of mad Russians with their Bobcat come and level out the area and pour a slab, and since then I've been busy chipping away at putting the rest of it together. It's basically like a massive jigsaw puzzle - the frame bolts together and then the steel sheets are screwed to the outside. There are a few holes to drill to get the girts and purlins bolted on (the horizontal beams on the walls and roof respectively), but this is simply a case of laying them all on the ground and drilling the all at the same time.

Anyhows... Progress has been good, I've managed to get to the stage where i am putting up the corrugated sheets for the walls, and had nearly finished one side when I realised that I had run out of steel. This was not something that I was expecting. I had a bit of a panic - thinking that someone had stole it, when I realised that it was exactly half of the steel - basically one half of the garage. Fortunately I managed to find the delivery note, which did not have the missing parts listed. However, this was only one minor posotive - it had been alomost a year to the day since it was delivered.

I called Olympic Industries on the Monday, expeting to get laughed at. After all, i had signed for it, so surely it's my own daft fault. But, the guy said he would look into it, and anyhow, he could check the photo that the delivery driver took.

So a few hours later, he calls back - 'no problem, will deliver them next time we do a run, oh and by the way - did you also know that one of the end pieces is missing' - cool, all sorted, and there was me thinking the worse.

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last nights post revisited


Right I'll have a go at rewriting the post I lost last night.


ok. what did I talk about.


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36hp tuning thoughts


Ok two blog posts in one night.


This one is more as a place to jot down some more 36hp tuning ideas. Some of these are older and others new or at least new to me.


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more 36hp tuning stuff


Ok another installment.


The valve train or the 36hp has come under a lot of consideration. The first area I was looking at is the lifters.


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a ramble about accessories




Ok, here we go again. A bit of a ramble on accessories.


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another day

i didn't get out to pick up a tow bar today as i went to the markets and spent my play money. (a spoke shave plane thingy... been wanting one for ages. + an old sidchrome 14-17mm open-open. i thought it was too good a combo for a 50's vw to miss for $5.

i mixed up a batch of molassas 2:5 and dumped some stuff in it, so in a few days i'll post on how it went.

i started cleaning up my shed, i have been avoiding doing it for ages. it is a total pigsty. so trashed. you really don't realize just how much junk you have until you have to try and clean it all up. at the moment a chunk of it is spread over the back patio. yes i'm procrastinating putting it back in tonight, it's still damn cold at night up here. i think i'll just pack up the tools and do the rest tomorrow... still more to come out if i want to do it properly.

i have to make a few decisions i think. there are a few things in there that i don't know what to do with. a 100+ yo kitchen dresser that i started cleaning up a while back (errr maybe 3 or 4 years ago), i realy don't see it getting finished in the next few years, even if i did i don't know where we would put it now. to be honest it will never be much good as it is missing the top half and is very very worn. there are 2 chairs also that i picked up about the same time with the intention of doing them up. i haven't even started them, they are just things to sit boxes of car stuff on. to be honest i should flog them off to someone who will appreciate them. it would clear a lot of space in my shed and make sure they don't deteriorate (aka get bashed or grotty). still i'm a horder and it takes a lot for me to get rid of stuff that i might do something with/has intrinsic value. so frustrating.

i also need to sort out some more storage in there. i think some more filing cabinets if i can pick some up cheap. they are decent for putting smallish boxes in and keep everything neat. some more card files would be great. i have carbs (well 28PCI's) in one double draw set. early distributors in another, well space for early distributors, most are spread about the shed. the card filing cabinets are great for that sort of thing. i could do with a few more for the later stock carbs, distribrutors plus fuel pumps etc. i'm sure i could find stuff to put in a 6' stack of them if i had them. lets see. knobs, handles, switches, globes, gauges etc. rods, rockers, nuts and bolts... they would take a few draws by themselves,  a big stack would be so useful.

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droptank plus more shed

no i didn't score a droptank. i wish. i did however get a potential source for all those who want one.


as posted before, on sunday i went to the local markets (i can't believe i forgot to post this then). the usual small town stuff, not much of interest really. there was one ride, i took no notice of it as i think those things are a total crock. of course my wife had other ideas and paid for my son to have a go. as he got on i had a look at it. it was a little carossel (spelling?) thing, that had obviously been dragged about the countryside for years, it had plane/rocket type things hanging off it. my eldest took harry in there for his go, about this time i did a major double take. not one or two but 5 F'N DROPTANKS! i was stunned. it made perfect sense as it looked like an old peice of kit and back in the day military surplus was everywere + if you something to look aerodynamic get something from an aeroplane...  they were well disguised with big holes cut in the tops, plywood seats, plywood wing/fin stubs and lots of coats of bright paint, but they still had the telltale rib around the outside and a filler cap at the top. they were only about 5-6" long so were way to small to make a lakester out of. i chatted to the owner and he was surprised that i recognised what they were. he didn't know what they were off but knew they were worth $ to aircraft restorers in the US.

seeing these reminded that they used to be fairly common when i was younger.

one thing i know for sure, i'll be keeping a look out for any old fair rides just in case. if i'm feeling rich i might ever go hunting. i'm sure i remember bigger ones from when i was a kid (more seats per plane/rocket). yes they had a big hole in one half, but 2 bottom halves put together (and a fair amount of panelbeating) would give you a full tank.

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minor progress

just a quick one.

not all that much has happened really. very little progress on the shed. i did get al little done for my distribrutors. last week i went to one of the local auto electricions to try and find some of the brown sheet stuff that all of the insulating bits in the cast iron dist's.

i took a bit of a proken plate that the dist advance weights slide on as a sample.

he pulled out some thin white sheet he called "insulating paper". i ended up getting about 10 by 50cm of the stuff.

last night i got bored and dug out my modelmaking kit + a good points plate i had loose.

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Sea Change



With some deliberation, and a bit of a heavy heart, I have decided that after over 10 years of running my http://t-34.co.uk site, I am going to close it down next year.

This decision is mostly due to the fact that i have too many other websites to look after, and getting the time to update and maintain this one is simply too limited. Running Vdubber.com, as well as a variety of other non-Volkswagen related sites, and trying to keep on top of everything generally means that one or more sites suffer.

All is not lost however, as I will be transferring all of the info over to my account here at Vdubber. The blog entries here will get transferred over to my blog, and the images will get transferred to my gallery here too.

Along with this change goes a change of email address too. My new email is mick[#at#]vdubber[#dot#]com This is currently active, so feel free to use it next time you email me.

The change will be a gradual one, with the site to remain active until mid 2011, i will slowly transfer the content over and eventually switch off the lights there, when it is done.
It's a bit of a sad decision to have to make, especially considering that T-34 was my first website waaaay back in the 90's, but it does have a legacy that lives on, both here with VDubber, but also with the software that was developed out of the website.
The legacy of T-34 is a lot larger than simply the content. The T-34 website runs from a scratch-written Content Management System (CMS) that I custom wrote especially for the site. I eventually released this for free as open source software via another website of mine http://deeemm.com So in one way, the T-34 site will live on forever (well maybe - lol).
So, enjoy it whilst you can, as it will not be around forever.

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Site Update

Over the next few days we will be performing some scheduled maintenance tasks and updating the website. The website update is to address some performance issues, and some minor bugs. The update process should be relatively straightforward as we will be preparing a test run on our local servers prior to updating the live site.

If you do experience any disruption to the site over the following days, we ask that you simply try hitting the refresh button on your browser. We expect that disruptions should be minimal, and short of duration.

We thank you in advance for your patience.


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Volksfest Show


This weekend past was the Volksenthusiasts club of South Australia's Volksfest show. It was held at Port Adelaide, in Todd Street, which now seems to have replaced the events previous home at Wiggley Reserve in Glenelg, with three events now having been held there.

The numbers seemed to be down a little from the previous show, and this may in part be due to the absence of many of the interstate visitors. But, whilst numbers were down, the quality was definitely up. The number of good quality cars seems to have risen, with some truly outstanding rides in attendance.

My personal favourite of the show was this grey oval bug, which was immaculately turned out, and possibly fresh from the oven, as it did not look to be registered, and so my guess is possibly a new build (turbo54 - is this yours?). Don't have any more details on it, but will keep you posted if I find out more.

For a change (lol) I hitched a lift to the show in someone else's VW - this time Matt 'Choco' Tully from here on Vdubber, generously donated some flying time in his gold bug. After meeting Matt and the other cruisers at Harbortown in the morning we cruised down to the show, with me acting as firewatch ;)

The shows atmosphere was pretty laid back, and rolled up with a nice lunch at the local pub, and some shopping at the markets, even MelleMel did not get too bored :) There was a good variety of rides, with the only thing missing being a Type 34 - which is surprising considering that Adelaide does not have that many shows, and there are quite a few Type 34's here. The swap meet also seemed to be a lot smaller than at past shows.

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Garage Finished

Finally the garage is finished. I managed to finish off putting the roof on and fixing up all of the little fiddly bits to make it water-tight. The biggest job was tying the roof of new garage into the roof of the old garage. The new garage is an extension to the old original brick built garage, it's a modern steel framed, tin clad jobby, whereas the original garage is a brick built one. Obviously they are two different sizes and annoyingly the roof pitches are different as well. This meant that tying to two together, and making them water-tight took a litle inginuity (and possibly luck). It still remains to be seen if it leaks though.

Now that the structure is finished off, I need to get it wired up with power and lighting. I also need to get it fitted out inside. I had spied some nice heavy duty racking at Bunnings recently, but unfortuntely, when I went to visit at the weekend, they did not have any of the long span pieces in stock, a visit to another store was fruitless, as they were out of stock too. Both had plently of the other pieces. :( Hopefully they will have some in stock this coming weekend, if not i will order some in.

I also need to finish off building the workbench I am making. This oddly started off life as a fernhouse in the garden. Whilst I was pulling it down I decided that rather than throw it out, it could make a good workbench, so I chopped the supporting columns down to bench height size, and narrowed the whole frame to the width of a bench. It's now about 5 metres long, and fits nicely at one end of the garage. I plan to get some nice thick marine ply or MDF for the worktop, and also cover a section with stanless to make a nice clean area for engine / gearbox assembly.

Other things to do are reinstate the water supply. There used to be a stand-pipe right in the center of where the garage now is. I removed this to allow the slab to be laid, but will re-run it, and fit the spare laundry sink unit that I have in the corner, as it will save making greasy marks in the house. Ultimately this means digging in a new drain - but this may wait until i fit the water tank at the rear of the garage, as I will need to dig in a wet riser to tie the tank into the house as well.

I also made a start on removing the rear wall of the garage, to join tyhe old space with the new. This is about half removed and just needs a bit of tidying up. Unfortuntely until I get the new racking in place I cannot progress any further as I need to move the old work bench in the old part of the garage, as it is in the way, but the tools that are in it need to go on the new racking.

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New Fasty


Regular readers of my blog will know that the Type 4 engine, and Porsche 911 gearbox that I have built for the Razoredge has been borrowed for use in my salt flat race car. Whilst pondering on how much grief it would be to get it installed in both the Oval and the Ghia, and be able to swap them over without too much of an issue, I came to the conclusion that it was simply too much hassle.

Whilst I had always dreamed of the big Type 4 powered Type 34. Now, after some 15 years of building it, and having moved to a different country, I've decided that I simply would like to get it on the road. There's no point in having a fast road car here in South Australia. There are no drag strips, very few race tracks, and with cops that hide in bushes with radar guns, little point in having a 350hp Type 34.


So I've decided to fit a stock IRS, gearbox and EFI engine,so that I can complete the car and get it on the road. And whats more, I've even sourced a Fastback to act as the doner car.


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Luck of the devil

My whole intention with building this car may seem a bit sacrilegious to some, but the one thing that Volkswagens have always been lacking in is power. It is for this reason that I intend to build one of, if not the fastest T34's around, (I'm not really a boy racer, I've just decided to take my mid life crisis a bit early). Most of what my plans include will not permanently change the structure of the car, and so if I decide, it could easily be changed back to original.

The only major structural change I will make is to change the roof for one with a sunroof in, but then again I'm sure that most people wouldn't object to that (except the true purists). I had a bit of a lucky chance meeting with one Clive Richardson, now the Type 34 secretary (I think) of the Karmann Ghia Owners Club, who owns a very tidy RHD sunroof model. It was at one of the infamous Karmann Connection swap meets, I spotted his car and decided to go and have a chat with him. It was whilst in conversation with him I mentioned; "wouldn't it be great if you could get a complete roof..........", well the gods must have been smiling at me that day, as Clive then told me how he had bought a complete roof from someone in Germany, so as he could get the electric motor to replace the faulty unit in his car, what was more was that he was prepared to sell it. We struck a deal and Clive even delivered it to me.

The real heart of the project is the motor, a 2.3 Litre Type 4 unit, with a Ray Jay 0.8 AR turbo, and a 50 HP Nitrous kit. I've done lots of research on All aspects of turbo charging, and nitrous injection, and feel confident that I could get a very fast reliable motor together. (I met a guy from Sweden who ran a road legal home grown bug, which he used for strip racing, he ran well into the nines using a 2.3 Fuel injected turbo'd Type 4 motor, with a hybrid Garret T3 exhaust/T4 compressor turbo,).

The key to any turbo charged engine is to have a good fuel delivery system, and where most designs reach a limitation is their use of carburetors. It was once said that it was impossible to run a blow through system on anything over 5psi, although this 5psi rule has been proved wrong (Lotus Esprit Turbo's used just this method successfully running boost pressures of 12psi), both methods of carbureted turbo induction have their drawbacks. The biggest problems are fuel enrichment under boost conditions, and fuel separation within the inlet manifold. Carbs don't really have a good proportional control band, and tend to provide a very unreliable response when used in this application. (Remember a turbo engine running too lean on boost will burn out valves in an instant. Also as any air-cooled owner will vouch, when it gets cold carbs begin to ice up, can you imagine how quick this would happen in a suck through system, where rather than having an induction pressure of say 1-2psi you are running at 16.

The best way to deal with this problem is to use fuel injection, some units also benefit from a host of other features, such as extra injector control for boost enrichment, water injection or nitrous applications, soft rev limits, shift lights, boost control, switch-able program settings that can be changed `on the fly`, nearly all systems use a wasted spark type ignition system, this coupled with the crank triggers that these systems use means that you can chuck your inefficient distributors away. It is a well proven fact that bottom end power gains are over 25% better than using carburetors, how do you think that they can get a 1.25 Litre fiesta to go so fast? (sic).

One of the best systems that I've seen is the Haltec E6 unit, although I don't think that they have any distributors in this country, (I think it's an Australian company). I did at one time think of making my own system using an early Ford Sierra Cosworth brain, (the brain only controls the fuel injection, and not things like ABS, traction control etc. as most other OEM brains do). However although software is available to program the chips for these units, its much easier to get an after-market unit where you just plug your laptop into the brain, download a preset set of injector timing parameters, and tune them up as you drive around, (not all of us have a rolling road in their garage).

Nitrous sounds like a scary thing to have on a turbo motor, but truth be told its not used the same way as with a normally aspirated engine, the nitrous is only active up until a certain boost pressure, (full boost or just below) this in effect gets the engine up to boost quicker and eliminates any turbo lag, it is possible to keep the nitrous switched in when full boost is achieved, which is fine if you complete professionally and tear your engine down after every pass, however I don't think that it is a viable proposition to use it this way in a street motor. (engine life expectancy-One day if you're lucky). One great advantage that nitrous provides for turbo engines is that it considerably lowers the charge temperature, practically super cooling the air entering the engine, which is great news as turbo charged engines run phenomenally hotter than normally aspirated engines. Because of the way that the nitrous is used it also lasts considerably longer than in other applications.

The particular turbo that I am using is a bit oversized for a 2.3 Litre engine,(0.8 AR), whilst this gives very good high end power, it does also create a lot of turbo lag, which is where the nitrous helps out, eliminating the lag so that it spins up quicker. The higher RPM gains with a larger turbo mean that whilst most smaller Turbo's compromise their high end operating range to eliminate lag the larger unit will provide more power further up the rev range.

One modification that I intend to do but have not been able to find out too much about, is to fit a Porsche 5 speed, there's no way that I'm paying the extortionate prices that they want for a Berg 5 speed,( after all its still a VW box, and they're not that strong). Volksworld did an article once, but it wasn't really that informative, they told you how to reposition the gearbox mounts so that the gearbox would mount into the frame-horns of a swing-axle Beetle, but no mention was made of what drive shafts you should use, or how they needed to be modified, I can only assume that you had to cut and shut a Porsche inner with a VW outer to get the splines correct to match up to the hub. Although this sounds extreme I did have some drive shafts converted like this before, and they ran fine. If anyone has any info, then please let me know.

There is one cat that I am definitely not going to let out of the bag, that is my plans for the front suspension, think steering box, think not. All I will say is full height and camber adjustment, rose-jointed.......................

Well, I'm all excited now, I think I'll go and take the angle grinder to the roof.

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Suspension Geometry

I've been doing some research on suspension and steering geometry and have come across a couple of nice programs for calculating suspension dimensions. Although this is not a completely scientific art, it certainly takes out the hard math's aspect, out of calculating things like roll centres, wheel scrub and dynamic camber/castor changes.

I've made a basic design for the layout, all I have to do now is see if it will fit, unfortunately things are not looking good as I was hoping to retain the original frame horns, and it looks like it will lengthen the wheelbase too much if I try to fit the suspension in the position where the beam originally was. I guess if that's the case, I'll have to decide if I can justify cutting the frame horns off, I suppose I could always get another pan.

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It's been long overdue but I've had to get on with doing some decorating in the house, (unfortunately the '65 is not at the top of my list of priorities at the moment). The parts amassed for it had to be moved as I am soon going to be knocking down the wall that they were resting against. This meant that I finally had to get around to assembling the racking that I had got for the garage, (it's only been sitting there for two years!), but I'm glad that I did, not only has it given me enough space to carefully store all of those parts, but it's given me space to store all of those things that were cluttering up the garage. Next thing is to chop down the tree behind the garage, as I'm sure that soon it is going to cause the back wall to collapse. Too many things....not enough time....

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Birth Certificate

Here is the TUV Birth Certificate for the '66, as you can see it was in fact built in '65. This has put a bit of a spanner in the works, so to speak, as I had assumed that the registration number that came with the car was genuine, ( LHU 211E - 1967 ? ), and I would have liked to have kept it. As the DVLC went computerized in about 1983, they have no records dating to before that date, ( I guess someone must have eaten them), so if you have a car that has been off of the road since before then, as I have, they will have no record of it's proper details. This is not a problem, as there are two things that you can do: If you know the registration number, and it has not already been reissued to someone else, you have to supply them with some proof that the vehicle is of historic significance, and deserves to keep the number, (a letter from an approved car club such as the KGOC, is all that is needed), and then it can keep it's proper registration number. If on the other hand you either don't know the number, or cannot get a letter of approval then an age related plate will be supplied. This is one that bears the correct suffix for the year, but was not necessarily the one originally supplied with the car.

I think that I will end up with an age related plate, which is a shame, but it doesn't seem realistic to think that the above registration is correct, although, I suppose it is possible, that the car was not registered for two years. I think that I would prefer to have an unoriginal registration that is correct for the year, as I doubt that I would be able to find out what the original number was.

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65 0r 66?

I have sent off for my age related registration number, which will have a "C" suffix, indicating 1965. As some of you have pointed out; the car would have been a 1966 model year and was probably not registered over here until 1966. But as far as DVLC are concerned, as it states on the TUV birth certificate that the car was sold in 1965, they are not prepared to issue a later registration. This is understandable I guess. Rules are rules.

I'm not particularly bothered, obviously I would have preferred to have kept the registration number that was originally issued to the car, but I have no way of finding this out.

I'll keep you posted on the outcome.

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Slow Progress

Wow Looking at the date below, it's been some time since I've been to this page. So I guess in two years a lot must have been done (yeah right). I've managed to source some more bits, these include a NOS type 4 engine case, a Porsche 915 gearbox (from an '83 911 SC), a tacho, an IRS rear end and some other bits and bobs. The remainder of the chroming has been taken to the chromer's, all that remains is some catches and other bits that are to be zinc plated. I've started to strip out the remainder of the shell in readiness for it's trip to the painters (I've decided to entrust this to the professionals, plus I never seem to get the time). The boys from Paintbox have been round and had a look, and say that the roof shouldn't be a problem (they're experts at roof chops on bugs) so I need to get it ready for when they can fit it in, which should hopefully be sometime late August. This involves removing everything that's left on the car, and doing a bit of tinwork (I have to fabricate some engine mounting points, as the original top style mount will have to be removed, and a bus style (or later type 3 style) cross-member needs to be fabricated. to do this successfully the engine and gearbox needs to be trial fitted, (this will also allow me to weld the mounts for the Porsche gearbox cross-member as well).

The gearbox needs an overhaul as the synchro-mesh on first gear is shot, I have the parts to do both first and second synchro's and have been informed that it's a relatively easy job. This however is not the first job on the list, that job is to clear out the garage, which has been neglected for quite some time, as I need to create enough space to work on the Ghia (plus Karens Ghia is due back from the painters soon). So come tomorrow that's what I'll be doing.

Next on the agenda is to remove the old swing axle suspension and replace it with the IRS unit. At the moment I'm looking for a 944 rear end so that I can transfer the aluminum trailing arms and hubs / disc brakes onto the IRS unit. This is practically a straight swap - evidently even the torsion bars can be used.

Then the front suspension will get overhauled, again 944 / 968 hubs and brakes are going to be fitted, the best option is to go for the later units as they utilize a four pot caliper and larger discs, but this limits you to fitting 16" or larger wheels, and all of the best Porsche wheels are 15".

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Replacing the Type 3 EFI

With the new engine for the Razoredge now procured, I've been looking towards what I need to do to it to get it up and running in the razor. The engine itself is a standard Type 3 fuel injected unit that is currently still in the '71 fastback in my garage. It leaks a little oil, but runs okay, and shows 80k on the odometer. this could possibly be 180k or maybe even higher, but this doesn't bother me as it runs fine, and I will eventually rebuild it anyway.

The choice of a fuel injected unit as opposed to a naturally aspirated unit is, to me, a no brainer. EFI is far superior in terms of low range power, fuel economy and drivability. Not to mention that they are more efficient than a carburetted engine - this is the reason that pretty much all modern cars are EFI'd - stricter emmissions regulations mean that higher efficiency is needed.

But anyway - I digress. I say that a fuel injected engine is better - but this is not regarded as the case for the Type 3. Over the years the L and K jetronic systems have come into a lot of bad press, especially amongst those who maintain thier own cars. The system is hard to diagnose issues on, as there is no diagnostics funtions available to assist in determining what's wrong. Fixing a faulty system is really a case of eliminating all possibilities, one by one, until the fault has been found. There is no laptop port to plug in your laptop, and get an instant readout of what is going on, and to many, this means that the system is considered complex and unreliable.

As I blogged about previously. the other main issue with the stock fuel injection systems is that they are not tunable. There is no way to modify the injector 'maps' to account for even simply modifications, such as fitting an extractor system. Change something on the system and it cannot compensate. Modern systems can overcome this. Either by closed loop feedback, from a lambda sensor, or by simply having the ability to be reprogrammed. This is the main reason that I want to utilise an aftermarket system, plus it is more suited for adding a turbo to later down the track.

I plan on using a distributorless system. this means adding a crank or distributor trigger, and utilising a coilpack instead of a distributor to take care of the ignition side of things. Distributorless systems have a couple of advantages over normal distributor controlled systems. Firstly, there is no electrical 'switch' in the HT (high tension) circuit, it has a direct lead from the coil to the spark plug. This means a stronger spark, and no degredation over time (wear). The other advantage is that the systems generally work in what is called a 'wasted spark' mode. This means that for a four cylinder engine, there are only two coils. This means that they fire twice each cycle, once on the ignition, and once on the exhaust stroke. The firing on the exhaust stroke brings a massive advantage, it helps scavenge the cylinder by ignighting any unburned gasses. All of this together generally means, more efficiency, and in turn, better performance.

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Splitty Mcodes

Whilst checking out VIN plate data for the new Type 34 Registry update, I ended up on a site with a rather nifty bay bus VIN decoder. http://www.alltheprettybuses.com Being completely sidetracked from my original task, I decided to see what VIn decoders there were for the 15.

As luck would have it, I snapped shot of the VIN plate from the 15 on my phone this weekend. I have no idea why, but it's a good job I did.

After a little bit of a google, I ended up over at The Samba, where they have a nice page listing the various VIN plate options. http://www.thesamba.com/vw/archives/info/id.php

The Details on my plate tell me that the bus was built on the 11th of September 1961.

It was supplied with the following options.

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Jethro the 1970 Camper

Project Jethro


As I have many projects my next one the top of my to do list is Jethro my 1970 lowlight camper.  I brought this camper with 2 other kombi's about 9 years ago.  I wrecked the other 2 kombis as i had no room for them and kept the best out of the lot.  I gave it a quick coat of paint when I first got it and never did much more.

here are some pictures of jethro

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Engine out

I got a call from the guy I bought the Fasty off of last week, turns out that another customer had crashed her Type 3 and was on the look out for a doner car. So this weekend I removed the engine and gearbox from the fasty in readiness for it to be picked up.

It's been some time since i pulled the engine from a Type 3, and apart from it being the hottest day of the year, I managed to get the engine and box out of the car in a couple of hours. This included getting in running so that I could reverse it up on the ramps as well.

Fortunately there were no seized or rounded bolts, and the whole process was fairly painless.

Now all I need to do is rebuild it.

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IRS Painted


I spent this weekend finishing off painting the IRS for the Ghia. I stripped the paint from it last weekend using a combination of paint stripper and a zip wheel in my grinder. There was only some minor surface rust, so I sanded this back ready for painting.

I decided to paint the suspension myself, rather than getting it powder coated, this was mostly due to the shiny finish that powder coating normally gives, I wanted a low gloss almost satin finish to be more like the original.

I had some paint left over from painting the pan and roll cage on the oval so decided to use this. It comprises of an etch primer and enamel based topcoat. I generally favour this paint for chassis stuff as I can thin it with normal meths and don’t need to buy a special thinners as I do with other brands.

I had a bit of an issue with the primer separating out from the thinners, which I put down to it being old paint, this meant going out to buy some more paint and spending a fair bit of time cleaning the sludge out my spray gun.

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What got you into VW's?

Hi everyone, I thought I would start a post on What got you into VW's?

I'll start, well my uncle bought a really nice 58 beetle a few years back, that basically got me started, after that I started searching photos of VW's on the Internet, not long after that I realised I was hooked.

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My next project..


Hi everyone, picked up this splitty monday, 3km from home. Unsure what year it is yet, haven’t been able to find VIN number as yet. Anyone got an idea what year it is? Solid around the roof and gutters. No running gear but good in the floor. This will be my project once the beetle is going.

Here is a picture as found…


Here is a couple of pictures when I got it home…

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