Type 3 based cars (Fastback, Notchback, Squareback, etc)

68 & 70 Type 3 Notchbacks

68 & 70 Type 3 Notchbacks

G'day everyone,

My family and I recently purchased two Type 3 Notchbacks, a 1968 and a 1970. They arrived by truck on the 4th of December.

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Rusty's 1970 Notch (Road Worthy'd)

It has been a great learning journey working on our 1970 Type 3 Notchback. We now have it Road Worthy ready for my dad and I to cruise around in, and also ready for when I get my Learners.

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1970 Notch (Lowered)

G'day everyone,

We finished lowering our '70 type 3 Notch yesterday. The front has been lowered 2 splines and the rear has been lowered 1 spline.

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brembos and IRS conversion


Well I have started now on the IRS conversion with the 944 alum arm

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sub frame out


got the sub frame out now. the old mounts are toast but expected that after 40 years I have rounded up 6 new mounts out of the 8. But i going to try to get them cast in urethane.

Everthing is cleaned up now treated with rust blast and then painted with KBS

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