Rusty's 1970 Notch (Road Worthy'd)

It has been a great learning journey working on our 1970 Type 3 Notchback. We now have it Road Worthy ready for my dad and I to cruise around in, and also ready for when I get my Learners.

We went right through the running gear and brakes, replacing:

-         - All ball joints, tie rod ends, steering dampener

-         - Front and rear wheel bearings

-         - Brake master cylinder, rear wheel cylinders, rear brake shoes and all brake hoses

The interior was all original and in good condition, but a couple of areas needed some love. We started by making a new passenger side front door card and getting the original cover put on. We also make a new rear parcel shelf cover as the original one had holes in it. We covered the new one in a white vinyl, very similar colour to original.

The indicator switch didn't seem to work, so we had to source a new one. 1970 being a one year only for this style/type of indicator switch, we thought finding a new or good used one would be a difficult task, however we were lucky enough to score a NOS one from Wolfsburg Automotive in Geelong.

A few rust repair were needed in the body, but overall wasn't too bad.

All door, deck lid and bonnet rubbers were replaced and fitted nicely with a few tweaks.

With a few paint touch-ups here and there, and a cut and polish, the outside was looking great again.


We look forward to getting out in the Notch and enjoying it, Hope to catch some of you on the road or at an event someday :)


1970 Notch (Lowered)
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