CNC Plasma table finished

CNC Plasma table finished

This weekend I decided to finish off the plasma table so that I can get cracking on the supercharger kits. The plasma has been pretty much finished for the past few weeks but has been on hold waiting for some smaller nozzles. The previous tests that I carried out resulted in a lot of dross and a larger then normal kerf which I put down to the 60amp nozzle that I had fitted. I ordered some 40 amp nozzles which arrived late last week.

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Autumn clean


If I was still in England, right about now it would be spring time, the time of the year where traditionally you would clean your house after the winter. But I don't live there any more, and I still can't get my head around the seasons over here in Oz.

So instead of spring, it's currently autumn, and I have finally got around to doing a little more 'spring cleaning' out in the garage.

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Plans Plans Plans

Well, my intention of a post a day is taking up a fair bit of time (see previous blog post) - the posting itself doesn't, but I now remember why i don't frequent forums much - you lose hours from your life :)


For example - I've just spent about 2 hours reading this whole thread - which was linked from the DSK forums as a motivation booster. Well all I can say is mad skills, this guy makes my bus resto look like a walk in the park, in fact I don't know why mine isn't finished already. :) If you're restoring or planning on restoring a splitty, this is an excellent resource, for both reference and inspiration.

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