Gretl the 1303s Part 1

I figured I best bring the Vdubber community up to speed with my current build.


A couple of months ago I came into the possession of Gretl. She was to be a ground up restoration and at the time of purchase, I race car on the weekends. Since then I have changed my mind.


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Jethro the 1970 Camper

Project Jethro


As I have many projects my next one the top of my to do list is Jethro my 1970 lowlight camper.  I brought this camper with 2 other kombi's about 9 years ago.  I wrecked the other 2 kombis as i had no room for them and kept the best out of the lot.  I gave it a quick coat of paint when I first got it and never did much more.

here are some pictures of jethro

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