Gretl the 1303s Part 1

I figured I best bring the Vdubber community up to speed with my current build.


A couple of months ago I came into the possession of Gretl. She was to be a ground up restoration and at the time of purchase, I race car on the weekends. Since then I have changed my mind.


It wasn't long until she was stripped down and I started finding cancer everywhere.

Fast forwarding a bit I got the shell and pan split and started working on cleaning up the pan.

It was at this point I realised I needed to get some brand new pan halves for her.

Then came the fun bit at the time, which was soon realised to be a mistake on my behalf.

The engine arrived. An EJ20 Twin Turbo setup out of a JDM import Liberty.

I soon realised this was a big mistake and sold the engine quickly.

Got one of the halves cut out. Removed spot welds from the tunnel and removed the pedal assembly.

The worst job I have done so far is the cleaning up of the tunnel and the tarboard. It would have to be the worst thing other than the foam of death Volkswagen filled the C pillars with that caused them to rust.

Thankfully I was able to find some rust free panels to repair the C pillars.

And that brings us up to where I currently am in the build. Both pan halves have been cut out and replacement ones ordered. I need to sort out a MIG welder and then the welding in shall commence.

Just need to clean up the tunnel bits when the new pan halves come and then cut out everything that needs to be cut out before welding in the new pan halves.

Need to source a new engine. Have got a gearbox waiting to be picked up and hopefully I can sort out all the mounts etc to dummy fit the engine and put the body back on.

A little update on Gretl
1978 VW "Champagne Edition" Karmann Convertible

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