This weeks winnner of the golden turd award...

The past week or so has been a right PITA regarding the site. All of our merchandising was deleted from our store by some jobsworth at zazzle, who decided that as our site (and also therefore our merchandising) was VW related we must be in contravention of Volkswagen of Americas copyright policy. The funny thing was, that VW actually allow the use of thier logo and name in relation to advertising goods and services relating to them. 'Johnnys Volkswagen repairers - We repair Volkswagens' is perfectly acceptable. Erik (the farkwit at zazzle) failed to actually read the policy, and if he did read it - very obviously failed to understand it.

Erik would have you believe that VW actually own the letters 'VW', which is a crying shame for all users of our alphabet as they appear right next to each other - and in the same order. ....STUVWXYZ. This is obviously a bit of a blow for childrens educational programs, who also flaunt VWoA's copyright policy.

So after many many emails trying to get Erik to see reason and reinstate the products, I have simply ended up giving up. Even trying to correspond directly with thier copyright agent seems to be falling on deaf ears (yes yes - i know - the agent is probably Erik).

After a little research it would appear that the same experience has been shared by many other zazzle users, some having as many as 200 images deleted. (oddly enough many post letters from Erik on the web too) Perhaps I should consider myself lucky. :-S

Guess I will chalk that one up to experience.

I have now moved the shop over to Cafe Press - you can view it at don't forget to go buy something!

On a better note, Ian from Unique Fab come round to have a look a the 15 window, Ian assures me it's within thier capability and will take the project on. He's booked out for the next three months which gives me some time to source the panels i need. I am thinking of importing panels from the UK as I have a couple of contacts there in the trade, i figure it's easier to buy direct. So if you're in the market for some splity panels, leave a comment below.

I also need to source some good s/hand stuff as well. My bus is completely devoid of everything. First up I need to get hold of a pair of '62 cargo doors (low hinges) LHS B and C pillars (complete) and a rear engine lid and valence. If you have any of this stuff shoot me a line.

More next time...


then sometimes you have a really good day.
i'm still alive.

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dakdakman on Wednesday, 01 July 2009 23:05

Dis mean i get my free sticker now :-)

Dis mean i get my free sticker now :-)
Mick on Wednesday, 01 July 2009 23:38

LOL - Yes. Stickers have been ordered. Will post them out as soon as they are here. Sorry for the delay.

LOL - Yes. Stickers have been ordered. Will post them out as soon as they are here. Sorry for the delay.