VDubber Ezine Issue 1


​Mighty oaks from little acorns grow. What started off as an idea a few months ago, has finally grown into Issue 1 of our Ezine. Utilising MelleMels skills as a typesetter and contributions from the UK, we have managed to put together our Ezine Debut. We're rather proud of it. The Ezine is 100% free and can be accessed at the link below. ...

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E-Zines, Resto's and Web Habits

Damnn - I just spent about 30 minutes typing out this blog and accidently deleted the whole thing by pressing the wrong button, I bet it's half as eloquent the second time around. :( I've not long been using a mac - previously I was a (fairly) long time Linux user - and before that a windoze user - so I'm still getting used to the shortcut keys - the one that always seems to catch me out is 'home', somehow I always manage to make the browser go 'back', instead of the cursor, losing all of my hard work in the process. Ahh well, guess that's what you risk when typing epic blog posts - lol.

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