356 Oil Filler / Breather


Another piece in the puzzle arrived today. Todays treasure is a 356 oil filler neck.

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the latest goings on.

all in all it has been a good few weeks of playing vw's. everything has been a little crazy buisy with 5 extra extended family members in the house for nearly a week, plus work etc.



last weekend i went out to check out the rolled "62 1/2" on a property out of town. it turned out to be one of the most amazingly killed vw i'd ever seen. dead to the point of the rear swing axles being Z shaped, the frame head being crumpled and even the dash was twisted. all from being rolled, it looked like it had gone corner to corner (aka end over end) as well as normal rolling. i would love to have been the first one to get at the car as it seemed to be really original. aka crashed early in it's life. it had a matched set of continental cross plys (with lots of tread) and a rubber cased battery. if the battery wasn't broken i would have been so stoked as i'd love to have one for "the shed". all in all it was a very strange car as some bits (of those that were left anyway) were near perfect, but others were completely rooted. several of the few bits i scored have already been cleaned and put into the box for use on my 63. others haven't quite made the cut, but they are still the best that i have.


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