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The Road To Monterey

By Mick in Racing 1111 views 27th Jan, 2021 Video Duration: N/A
Fasten your seatbelt for The Road to Monterey. It's not just a
film about racing. It's a film about passion. It's a film about one man's
This extended version contains extra footage and interviews of Ron Goodman's extraordinary determination of taking his 1954 Porsche
to race at the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, America's holy grail of
historic racing.

We follow the twist and turns along the way. We experience Ron's frustration
when his beloved grey Porsche 356 coupe is delayed in transit to America.
And his overwhelming relief when the car is finally delivered to the raceway
with a mere 12 hours to spare.

Cinematographer Rob Scheeren has captured this incredible journey from the
inside, spending countless hours with Ron, his team and legion of supporters
for a unique view of an amazing adventure.

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