Caged Beast


Delivered the oval to Donegal Engineering today to have the cage made up, big thanks to Paul Penny and his brother for helping out, was good to hook up. Sorry I couldn't have stayed a bit longer, but had an appointment at upullit to get a throttle body.

Managed to pick up a suitable throttle from a Ford - wouldn't know what type it was but it had a 3.9 EFI 6 cylinder. The I/D is about 70mm and it comes complete with a TPS and MAP sensor (probably no good for my EFI - lol)

So, with the car out of the way, my attention needs to switch to making up the headers. I basically need to get the engine running and then take it to an engine dyno to get the EFI map sorted. This means - headers + induction + wiring + cooling + oil system need to be sorted.

Part of the induction system should be arriving this week, along with the oil cooler, and the cooling system. I still need to source some parts for cooling system, as well as wheels and other bits and bobs, so will try to go have a bit of a shopping trip next week.

I will make the headers up from mandrel bends - the system is 1 1/2" so just need to get a selection of bends and flanges and get busy with the welder. Another thing I need to tackle whilst the car is out of the picture is an off road welding trolley - damn gravel driveways are a right PITA. :lol:

Michael Mortons Iron Horse
Oval body off pan

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