Project Oval Stripout


Just a quick post to say that the strip down of the oval is now underway. The shell has been mostly stripped out, with only two wings (fenders) and the doors left to remove before the body can be lifted from the pan.

So far everything has been pretty easy with only two of the fender bolts snapping off, The doors are proving to be pretty difficult to get off as the bolts are refusing to budge. Hopefully a night of soaking in release agent and some brute force with the impact driver will fix that.

Inspection of the shell and pan has shown that the rear valence and rear of the rear wings look like they have been used to level the body into the air - probably to remove the engine - hence they are a little bent up. My guess is that the car was taken off of the road due to excessive wear in the front link pins - which would have been a wobbly ride at least - lol.

The lower front (valence) section ideally needs to be replaced, the wheel well is pretty badly perforated - mostly from the front end smash that the car has been in - the initial smash and then the straightening out has fatigued the metal causing it to tear, the valence itself is also too badly dented to warrant repair, it's simply more cost effective (and quicker) to replace it, and time is one thing that I do not have the luxury af as I have a tight deadline.

I've taken quite a few pics and some video, which i will post up once I've got the body off of the pan, but until then I've decide to keep out of the office, and in the yard working. I will oder that pan halves and front repair panel today, and enquire about prices for a narrowed + dropped disc brake front end - I can save a huge bunch of time by simply swapping the beam over complete for one that is already built. But this depends on $$$$$'

Classic Adelaide Rally
slight progress.

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