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A little update on Gretl

So, my pan halves rocked up the other day, I was over the moon. I spent a couple of hours outside so that was great. Was cleaning up the tunnel a bit more and then I got a little carried away on the body.

So I got it back to bare metal while hunting for rust. Didn't find any thankfully and then sealed it all with galv.

And here are the pan halves.

So excited. Going to keep the standard seat rails but just adapt the ones on the bottom of the current seats I have to use them with some Bride's I reckon.

Might spend some time this week rubbing back the rear guards so I can see how much I need to widen them. Also sorted out my brake setup for the moment, purchasing the setup I had on Zelda back. Exciting times ahead.

Now, on the weekend I went and spent some time at Mick's place learning how to TIG weld. Tonight, I spent some time practicing here at home.

Pretty happy with how I went all things considered.

Got good penetration and yeah, was fun to finally lay some welds with my welder. Could be better but getting the hang of it now.

Need to get some filler rod and some sheet metal, then it is all systems go.

Going to try and pick some up tomorrow night after work but we will see what happens.


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