Nicks 57 bottomless money pit Part 2


Well its been a while since I added to this so here goes-

After getting the panel back from the blasters we continued  the work,now on the rotisserie..All pre 59 or so buses use an open long shift rod that is only supported at the front by a metal spring open to the elements so I decided to change the set up to the later style enclosed shift tube so the rod is supported by 2 plastic bushes.This was a hell of a lot of work as the hole in each I beam and the front and rear tophats had to be enlarged and the rigid tube bashed in.Before the shift rod was installed for the last time I filled the rod itself with grease,this acts as a vibration dampener and gives the gear shift a more solid feel.



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New Garage Approaching

Well I've been pretty busy with work the past few weeks, the end of financial year meant that I had a lot of stuff to sort out, this also meant no direct work on the Bus or Ghia, but some indirect work has been accomplished. The first thing (and possibly the best thing) is that the planning approval has been granted for my garage extension. Tomorrow I will go down to hand over some more cash, so that they can commence manufacture. This also means that most of nexy week will be taken up with moving the existing shed to another spot in the garden.

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