1978 VW "Champagne Edition" Karmann Convertible

G'day everyone,


My dad and I spotted a VW bug mostly covered over on a trailer coming home from Melbourne today. The guys who were towing the bug stopped for fuel so we stopped and I had a look and had a chat to the owner. He told me it was a 1978 VW "Champagne Edition" Karmann Cabrio. It was a very, very tidy car. Here is a pic I took of the bug...



When I got home I had a look on google images and found this pic...


I read on the Internet that in 1977-78 VW USA had one of these vehicles per dealership.


I will try find out more info but if you wish to search for info just type '1978 Champagne Edition VW Convertible' into google.


Thanks for looking.

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