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  • A bit of a milestone tonight - the engine is finally off of the engine stand. I finished off the last bit of testing (recording the current draw for injector and coil circuits) and removed the exhaust ready for moving the engine out to the bus. Installation is imminent. But before I put the engine in I need to confirm the location for the ECU and fit a bulkhead fitting for the wiring loom which will be heaps easier to do before the engine is in.

    The ECU will be mounted under the rear seat so I need to find an appropriate location to take the loom from under the seat out along the drivers side chassis rail into the engine bay.

    The only other 'major' thing to sort out is a new mount for the oil filter. I need to raise this up as I'm using a sandwich plate to add a couple of sensors. It's a relatively minor job but one that will consume a few hours as I also need to re-route the sensor wiring.
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