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  • Managed to get the engine in today. Finished up a few small jobs, like extending the loom for the sensors and relocating the oil filter, and then with a little help from my assistants (thanks @MelleMel) transferred the engine from the garage on to the engine jack. I even managed to get the engine mostly installed in the bus. I just need to finish off bolting it up, which I'll do tomorrow.

    Then comes the fun part of dressing the loom in and cutting a hole in the rear bulkhead. I've already selected the location for the ECU - in the cubby to the side of the rear seat but will need to make up some kind of protective cover for it. Not really a big drama but something that I'll need to do before packing our camping gear back in there.

    Than it's a case of pumbing it in and hooking it up. Not really too much to do there - Oil lines, fuel lines, then fluids, pressure tests for fuel system and fire her up. Not long now.
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