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    Made a start on plumbing things in and offered the silencer up to see how much ground clearance I had. (Not much at all.) The front of the silencer fouls the shock mount and it generally sits way too low (50mm), a lot lower than the header (90mm). Looks like I will have to do some more surgery on it to get it to fit better. I still need to dial in the rear ride height as I fitted adjustable spring plates, so might gain a few mm there.

    Also have to make up a new oil feed pipe as I managed to crush the previous one with the engine jack. Bloody ironic really considering that it was a crushed oil hose that was the reason the bus taken off of the road in the first place. D'OH!

    Now that the engine is in it looks like my breather can will not fit so I'll have to make a custom one up. I've got a few ideas on what I want to do there - basically the same as I had before but tailored to the install. My original breather was a modified air cleaner so sat quite nicely in the engine bay. Unfortunately the fuel rails get in the way so I need to either modify it or make a new one. Making a new one is probably easier.

    Still a bunch of stuff to do before I can start commissioning. I even pushed the bus out into the open and cut back the olive trees to get a bit of space to work in.

    My goal is to take it to the next burger night which is only two weeks away. Fingers crossed.
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