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  • Another productive day working towards getting the bus finished. Got the new rear shocks installed and the throttle cable hooked up. I've installed KYB gas-adjust on the rear as from what I have read this will give a smoother ride. I've got straight oil style Empi lowered shocks for the front as in my experience gas shocks are simply too bouncy when fitted up front.

    I adjusted the rear ride height and finished bolting the spring plates up. Had to make up an accelerator return spring as the 36hp shroud fouled the cable a little. Ideally it needs a new hole drilled in it to straighten out the throttle cable route so that it doesn't drag on the fan shroud, but that'll just have to wait until later as I just want to get it running. Also adjusted the clutch cable up but could not top up the brake fluid as I seem to have run out Did manage to adjust the rear brakes tho, so that's a bonus at least.

    After setting up the throttle cable I moved on to installing the new front headlights. I bought these an age ago but had never got around to installing them properly. The job was a simple one as I had already made up the brackets, I just needed to weld them into place. I then hooked them up electrically and tested them. I'm pretty pleased with the results.

    The headlight units have an LED halo around the outside of the lens for the sidelight - similar to an Audi / BMW. I also swapped the main halogen lamp for an LED version. A worthwhile swap as the light is noticeably better. They obviously look a little different to normal lights but the light is a lot brighter too.

    With the headlights hooked up I then connected up the oil pressure switch and the oil pressure / temp gauges. This only left the ECU to hook which did not take too long as I had documented everything on a schematic. I tidied up the loom a little with some saddles. This only leaves the tacho to hook up, which I will do later.

    I'm now pretty much at the stage where I'm ready to start the engine and get the tuning underway. But that's a job for tomorrow.
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