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Made a bit more progress towards getting the Vdubs back on the road this week, in fact it's been quite an eventfull few days. The garage has been manufactured and so I paid off the remainder of the cash owing - hopefully it will be delivered at the end of next week. In readiness for it's arrival I relocated the existing garden shed to the opposite end of the garden, all I need to do now is transplant a couple of roses and the area is clear

Perhaps a bit nore proactive is the fact that I also bought an engine for the 15. Originally I had planned on building something like a 2.0 litre engine for the bus. A local guy (thanks pmgbus) had a selection of units for sale at very reasonable prices, so I decided to go take a look, with the view of perhaps buying one to use as a temporary mesure to get the bus up and running whilst the bigger unit is being built.

Static engineOut of the three units he had for sale there was an ex army stationary engine - originally part of a 415V generator set. Whilst it will be a little more work to get to a state where it can be used, as the tinwear, exhuast, flywheel etc are all different, it did have relatively low hours on it and so was a pretty good buy.

After hearing the engines run (cheers for taking the time to get them up and running Andrew) I decided that the static engine was the way to go as it is practically only just run in, plus Andrew could also supply most of the parts to get it finished.

So whilst this may not be the two litre I originally planned, it is most likely the engine that will end up staying in the bus for the foreseeable future. It's a 1600 Single Port, with a universal case, that will also provide a very good base for anything that I later decide to build.

Plans are to strip the engine down to a long block, strip off the army green paint, get the new tinwear powder coated and fitted up, replace a few gaskets and seals and then use it as it is.

All I need to get is an exhaust and clutch which i will go out and buy new.

I'll keep you posted of the progress.

Hessisch Oldendorf 2009
snoozed and lost.

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