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Been a while since anything has happened on the speedster. Not that there is anything to really report, but I did manage to tick off a couple of small jobs recently

The biggest thing that happened is the Speedster is that it is finally in the garage. Ever since I have owned it, it has sat outside under a cover. So after a recent tidy up of the workshop and garage there was a nice speedster sized bit of floor left. It seemed a shame not to park it inside under cover.

With the car inside not only is it more protected from the elements, but as I basically trip over it every time I go to work (my workshop is at the rear of my garage) I might be a bit more tempted to do some work on it.

On that note....

I also managed to finally pick up some kawool. Kawool is a ceramic fiber matting used in furnaces and exhaust systems. It is the sound deadening used inside of many exhaust silencers. 

There are a few different types of acoustic material used in exhaust systems. Often a lighter 'wool' is used but this does not have great attenuation properties as anyone who owns a cheap 'tinny' sounding exhaust will attest (guilty - lol).

This stuff is nice a dense so should hopefully absorb a bit of noise, but of course there is a lot more to noise attenuation than the material alone. The truth will be in the pudding as they say

So now I have the materials this will allow me to get the exhaust system put together at some point. My next choice is whether to make it up for a late 1600 or the 1625cc 36hp engine that I'm planning on putting together. The 1600 I already have, but the 36er is a whole bunch of additional work.

DIY Speedster Steering Column Clamp

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