O/T Crank Pulley


Keeping with my vintage speed 356 inspired Okrasa engine build I bought a nice O/T crank pulley. These four hole items are found on early 356's.

This particular item is for a later 3 piece case as it does not have the anticlockwise thread cut into the pulley spigot but instead is used with an oil seal. I can easily machine the pulley to use with a regular sand seal.

The pulley is made from cast steel and is fairly heavy compared to a stock pulley. It's also much smaller in diameter resulting in a slower fan speed. This smaller pulley diameter was adopted by some aftermarket VW performance parts manufacturers and marketed as 'power pulleys'. The reduced crank to generator drive ratio frees up some power.

356's used a 100mm generator pulley. Early 36hp VW engines also shared this 100mm generator pulley too. This is slightly smaller than the 110mm used on most VW's.

I also bought some steel hex bar so that I can make up a generator nut as those used on 356's were a lot larger than their VW counterparts. 

The ancillaries are really coming together now. I already have a 12v small diameter generator and recently picked up an early style fan shroud although it needs a little TLC. 

Still on the lookout for some Speedwell Okrasa manifolds if anyone has some for

DIY Speedster Steering Column Clamp

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