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Volksfest Show

This weekend past was the Volksenthusiasts club of South Australia's Volksfest show. It was held at Port Adelaide, in Todd Street, which now seems to have replaced the events previous home at Wiggley Reserve in Glenelg, with three events now having been held there.

The numbers seemed to be down a little from the previous show, and this may in part be due to the absence of many of the interstate visitors. But, whilst numbers were down, the quality was definitely up. The number of good quality cars seems to have risen, with some truly outstanding rides in attendance.

http://www.vdubber.com/m/photos/get_image/file/a1a9e1feba652c30c029d76a993636aa.jpgMy personal favourite of the show was this grey oval bug, which was immaculately turned out, and possibly fresh from the oven, as it did not look to be registered, and so my guess is possibly a new build (turbo54 - is this yours?). Don't have any more details on it, but will keep you posted if I find out more.

For a change (lol) I hitched a lift to the show in someone else's VW - this time Matt 'Choco' Tully from here on Vdubber, generously donated some flying time in his gold bug. After meeting Matt and the other cruisers at Harbortown in the morning we cruised down to the show, with me acting as firewatch ;)

The shows atmosphere was pretty laid back, and rolled up with a nice lunch at the local pub, and some shopping at the markets, even MelleMel did not get too bored :) There was a good variety of rides, with the only thing missing being a Type 34 - which is surprising considering that Adelaide does not have that many shows, and there are quite a few Type 34's here. The swap meet also seemed to be a lot smaller than at past shows.

We finished the day off with a cruise back to our place, and a bit of a BBQ for Matt and his posse, a great day.

A big thanks goes out to Summa and the girls for helping look after Locke, and for everyone else for making it a great day.

More Pics - http://www.vdubber.com/m/photos/browse/album/Volksfest-Nov-2010/owner/T-34

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Matt on Wednesday, 01 December 2010 11:55

was glad to have a co pilot as i would have gotten lost,


was glad to have a co pilot as i would have gotten lost,

Mick on Wednesday, 01 December 2010 13:27

...or stuck behind a mobile house


...or stuck behind a mobile house :)