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  • Finally got stuck into getting the bus back together. There's a whole bunch of jobs to do that all rely on other jobs being completed first which start with jobs that need doing underneath the bus before the gearbox goes back in. So that's where I made a start. I installed the new shift coupling and then set about tidying up the wiring. The loom wasn't too bad but had the usual 47 years of modifications and grime you would expect. I decided to go for it and strip off all of the perished outer sleeving, remove the tow hitch wiring and then redo the outer sleeving in a woven over-braid. It now looks much better.

    I cut and fitted some new sound deadening and trim panels for the roof of the engine bay. I went with a mixture of sound deadening tape, insulation, a fire retardant layer and some white hardboard to finish.

    I also selected a location for the EFI fuel pump and rising rate regulator and mounted them in place too. I did not really want to put the regulator in the engine bay but there was just nowhere suitable underneath where I could still easily get at it to adjust it so I mounted it to the rear of the air filter mount.

    I also mounted the rear lights back in fitted the screws to hold the firewall in place.

    In addition to the reassembly work, I've been on the lookout for some original style sliding side windows so that the kids can get some fresh air when we are driving. I sourced one locally but when I got it home it turned out to be a non standard one and did not fit. I Might make it fit the rear of the '55 instead.

    I did manage to find a pair of original sliding windows but nearly died laughing when the seller told me he wanted $500 EACH for them as they were rare !!! The bloke must be trippin. I've heard of scene tax but that's just taking the piss.

    Despite that, it was a pretty productive weekend, even though it was 42 degrees
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