915 box fitted


Fitted the 915 box in today, it sits pretty good. Had to cut out old front gearbox mount to get enough clearance. Still got to make up mountings but will fab some custom ones to fit. I've also cut the pan for the shift linkage, everything seems to line up better than expected. It is a bit of a tight squeeze in between the frame horns, but it all fits. There is only one place that really needs a bit of clearancing as it is a little close to the case, but not really a massive issue as the box shouldn't be moving around too much. I am very tempted to hard mount the engine and box in, as this will certainly be easier, but not 100% at the moment.

Also started the IRS conversion by clearancing the frame ready for the pivot housings to be welded in. These need some clearancing to fit the rear torsion bar tubes, which considering that they are laser cut is a poor show. If I had known that they would be so poor quality I would have fabbed some myself, especially as now I have to waste time putting them right. The IRS arms are fitted tot he pan and the brakes and hubs stripped off to allow the earlier style drums to be fitted - this way the original bolt pattern can be retained.

I really need to finish off IRS conversion and 915 mounts tomorrow so that I can flip the pan and get the body back on - then I can trial fit the engine to see if it fits. This will allow me to take LOTS of measurements so that I can fab headers up without body and pan whilst it is off having tha cage made. I might make a temporary frame to hold rear valence and rear wings in position relative to the engine to make life easier

Michael Mortons Iron Horse
Oval body off pan

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