Wiring Loom

Had a spare 5 mins today so decided to take a look at the wiring loom on the Speedster project to try and figure out what I have and what's needed. I wasn't really sure what came with the car except that there was a carrier bag with what looked like a wiring loom in it.
I was pleased to find out that the loom was actually a custom 356 loom and not just a generic one or something that was pulled out of a beetle. Hopefully this should make it easier to fit. 

Every time I dig through any of the stuff that came with the car it's like a little mini time warp back to the 80's. I also found a NOS Audi 100 fuse box in the bag. Not sure if this was supplied as part of the loom kit or just acquired by the original owner. Will have to have a read through the documentation and try to figure it out.

Octagon Manufacturing no longer exist, but appear to have been absorbed by a company called bygone spares. They also still do 356 looms, which might be a useful bit of info to know if you are looking for a loom here in Aus. Their web address is https://www.bygonesparesandrestorations.com/

Love the typed instructions. We really are spoiled nowadays. I can remember getting heaps of stuff with typed or hand drawn documentation. Ahh the memories. :D

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