IRS Fitted


Progress was good today, managed to get the IRS finished, all that is required is the final welding and a little patching where I've relocated teh handbrake cable to the lower half of the pan. I will leave the final welding until after I have had a chance to get the car back on it's wheels with the engine in place so that I can check the wheel alignment out - this will need to be done with a little weight in the car.

Yesterday I made up a temporary support for the gearbox, which has allowed me to turn the pan right way up and retain the gearbox in the correct position, this will allow me to fit the engine and check out clearances and take measurements for the header system.

I also started to fit the narrowed front beam up, and will get this finished tomorrow.

First job tomorrow is to get the pan halves welded in place and then get the body back on the pan. Then I can trial fit the engine and make sure that everything fits. I will need to clearance the rear luggage area in the pan so that it clears the gearbox nosecone as the 915 box is a bit bigger, i will trim this back and box it in with some new steel.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with progress, and confident that the body and pan should be rolling again tomorrow - ready for it's journey to get the cage made up.

As usual there's more pics in my gallery at - oval beetle salt racer

Michael Mortons Iron Horse
Oval body off pan

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