Bit of Fun

Was stoked to get a text message today from MelleMel. In it was a photo of my new rego plates for the lowlight. See if you can spot the mistake...



The plates were supposed to read LOLI 70 (1970 Lowlight - geddit?). For some reason I wasn't surprised that they had been screwed up, seems to be par for the course lately.

Was just about to call up motor rego and sort the issue out when MelleMel told me that she had photoshopped the image for a laugh.

Good one Mel. LOL Had me fooled. Fortuantely the plates were all good.




I spent a bit of time tonight making more progress with the brakes. I managed to get the drivers side front brakes overhauled before running out of light. I also fitted up the new shocks I bought or at least the one on that particular corner. I also fitted two of the new wheels that I picked up this arvo. a 110% improvement over the banded wheels that the bus came with.



I started to fit up one of the rear light assemblies but ended up giving up as working in the dark was a bit challenging to say the least. Last thing I managed to do was to fit the new rear axle nuts although I will have to wait until I can torque them down properly.

With the rego sorted, the brakes nearly finished and the bearings ordered for the engine, things are getting nearer to it being on the road. There's still the doors to paint, which I will hopefully get on to later in the week and of course the engine still has to be assembled and installed, but with the light at the end of the tunnel clearly visible I am turning my thoughts towards about how to do the interior.

Got a few ideas but definitely looking for some inspiration.

It Lives!
My next project..

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