Gauge face design


Started to draft up the images for the replacement gauge fronts, so far I have managed to get the tacho done. The process basically involves scanning the original face to get a basic image showing the locations of the markers. Then drafting a new image using the old markers as a point of reference. I've matched the font to one very similar to the original 356 A gauge font and also take a grab of the colours. The end result is an image that looks very similar to the original style gauge but with the correct scaling for the 914 gauge. The centre tacho in the image is the new version, the outer two images are early and late style facias.

 I also managed to pick up a 911 oil combo gauge in trade for a 4 jaw chuck.. This will allow me to run the oil temp gauge in the position that the hand brake warning light normal resides in the 914 gauge. I would really like to run both temperature and the pressure gauge but without a facia from a 3-way gauge this is not possible. I will keep my eyes open, you never know what will turn up.

I'll draft up the speedo and combo gauge facias in the week and then take a look at whats involved with printing the water slide transfers.

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