Life is full of surprises...


I found out a funny thing today - my old silver '69 Ghia was originally an electric sunroof version that was painted cobalt blue with a black roof. The current owner fond out this info by sending off for it's birth certificate. This is pretty astonishing news - as had I known this - I probably would never had sold it. '69 Type 34's are pretty rare - sunroof models even rarer!

It was a pretty average car, that had a hard life, it was my daily driver for many years. it had been 'restored' at some point in the past before I bought it - this involved welding up the spot light holes (which i still have to admit - I really like), lowering, fitting an XJ6 Jaguar interior, and fitting late Ghia / Type 3 bumpers. I ended up putting a 2 litre type 4 in it with a GT gearbox. It ran quite nice but was getting a little tired. I sold it when I bought a Lancia Integrale.

It would now seem that they also welded / bogged up the sunroof too.

I've seen one other car with a bondo'ed up sunroof - but this was pretty obvous to spot - I spoke with the owner but they weren't even interested in the fact that it was a sunroof car.

Well, life is full of surprises - and this is one that I would never have guessed.

i just can't extract the digit.
plans still a foot

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