Type 3 EFI trigger wheel


If like me you have wondered how or where you can mount the trigger wheel for your EFI Type 3 engine, well ponder no longer, the answer is here :D

I stumbled across this thread over at the Samba, where supersuk outlined an idea to make a trigger wheel that mounted directly to the front of the fan. A stroke of genius really, and simple too.

In a previous blog post I had already considered somehow using the fan as the trigger wheel (it kinda looks like a trigger wheel) but never got past the fact that the VR sensor would not work on the cast aluminium.

The solution is to make a trigger wheel that has no centre and can be bolted to the front of the fan. Just ensure that it follows the form of the fan, thus not impeding the airflow. A head smacking moment really - one of elegant simplicity.

But. Unfortunately it did not look like supersuk's prototype would be very forthcoming so i drafted up my own version.

I will get some quotes for getting these laser cut from 5mm steel. Drop me a line if you are interested in one.

My next project..
a fairly quiet weekend.

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